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Soap Taps

Just to make extra sure that people wash their hands
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A bar of soap, mounted onto a tap, so that when you use the sink, your hands get soapy, so you have to wash it off, so that those criminals (such as me and the other 90%, I mean, come on, how many of you properly scrub your hands every time you go to the loo?) who hardly ever use soap after going to the toilet, will have to get the soap off their hands...
froglet, May 30 2005


       I was meaning on those taps where you have to push the button down, so as that people won't be in a never ending cycle of wash, soap, wash, soap, until they get fustrated.
froglet, May 30 2005

       This is used in prisons, that much is clear.
ldischler, May 30 2005


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