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Fill-Er-Up Pot Filler

Pot Filler With Automatic Float Valve Shutoff
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A simple enough springboard off of [goldbb]'s hot water pot filler: A deck-mounted pot filler consisting of a flexible hose connected to the long end of a J-shaped metal tube. On the short end of the tube would be affixed a float valve. The J tube would hook over the side of the pot to be filled and a normal hand-actuated valve would be opened to allow water to flow into the pot. Flow would be stopped when either the manual valve was closed OR the water in the pot reached a sufficient level to float the float valve into the "closed" position, thus ensuring that the water would not overflow the sides of the pot.
justaguy, Apr 08 2009

stovetop instant hot water Stovetop_20Instant_20Hot_20Water
Source of inspiration [justaguy, Apr 08 2009]

traditional pot fillers http://www.faucetde...com/potfillers.html
Typical pot filler designs, deck mounted and otherwise. [justaguy, Apr 08 2009]




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