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Stand up anti-comedy for Goths and other depresseds.
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For the people who love wallowing in misery, I propose a club or clubs, similar to stand up comedy clubs in every respect, except people go there to drink gin and cry. Performers get on stage and tell how they were orphaned and abused, amputees get up and talk about how they used to love sprinting and were going really well, could have made the nationals, til they got terrible food poisoning and had to have their limbs lopped off, sending them into an alcoholic slump. You could have guys who's wife left them etc. Little girls telling all and sundry about the fun times she USED to have with Mr. Caspian her fluffy white puppy. The possibilities are endless. Like comedy, (e.g the 'who's on first gag)you would get classic routines and all time favourites. All this could be backed by dull violins or assorted tragic backing tunes. People would go there as it would be a place where its not only okay to cry, but its expected. Hardened men could weep like babes and collapse into each others arms like teary romantics. I imagine it would feel quite good leaving the place, having gotten that all out.
BillyBoy, Nov 12 2003


       Located right next door the the "Happy Cuddle Club"
Letsbuildafort, Nov 12 2003

       Nah, Steven Wright is actually funny. Maybe Steven Wright without the punchlines?

"Someone broke into my apartment, stole everything"
half, Nov 12 2003

       That's what coffee shops are for silly.
The Guy On The Couch, Apr 24 2006


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