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Speleological Corridor of Fat

no thin or athletic person need apply
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Speleological Corridor of Fat requires for its creation a specially constructed corridor, and a few hundred volunteer individuals, the morbidly obese being particularly welcome. The corridor itself meanders, narrows in places, and also has a variety of curves complemented by a set of gentle undulations.

It's main feature are a series of gaps and slots of different sizes and orientations running along its walls, against which the willing overweight volunteers press through their fleshy parts of choice. This results in the corridor being constricted to the point where negotiating its narrow parts involves squeezing through a continuous tunnel of bulging flesh.

xenzag, Aug 15 2008

Not Art, Retail: Wall of Breasts http://no-garlic-pl...s-for-clueless-men/
Lame, but overreported, because it has breasts and stereotyping in it. [jutta, Aug 15 2008]


       With the distinctive smell of carbide lamps? Bun.
DiveTart, Aug 15 2008

       Tits - a narrow potholing thing that's made from thousands of breasts. Anyone venturing into the live mammary tunnel might find the sensation of being enveloped by all those jumblies - quite humbling, and quickly regress into a helpless gurgling droolboy.
zen_tom, Aug 15 2008

       That's been done [tom]. A big room with boobs lining the walls, a bit like the padded prison cells for the dangerously insane. Only with nipples.   

       Would find a pic but I'm at work. As for idea: It's horrible.
theleopard, Aug 15 2008

       //A big room with boobs lining the walls...for the dangerously insane// That's the House of Lords, isn't it?
DiveTart, Aug 15 2008

       Yes. This is excellent. Aside from the key issue of weeding likely gropers from the queue of prospective spelunkers, I can see nothing wrong with this. The idea as posed affords the average, non-gropey human the opportunity to be as food matter, passing down a warm, fleshy corridor, towards the vageuly sphincterish exithole, which is an experience of itself. The added bonus is that each spelunker is, at the same time, rubbing against the exterior, rather than interior, surfaces of chubby types, coming closer than would ordinarily be welcome while simultaneously inverting the usual food-digestive system paradigm. The spelunker, as he forces his way down this wobbly tract, is himself forced to consider not only what is passing through him, but what has already passed through those he is passing through. By simple forward motion, he gains a closer understanding of what it is like to be
(a) fat;
(b) food;
(c) shit; and
(d) all of the above
all for the price of a fun fair go-round.

calum, Aug 15 2008

       Don't get it.   

       You'd probably get a flashback of being born.
nineteenthly, Aug 16 2008


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