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Sock-em Robot

For the “can’t touch my toes” type
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The problem: My wife can’t bend over to put her socks on – she’s 9 months pregnant.

The impetus: My four-year-old son’s solution to everything is to “have a robot” do it.

The solution: I propose to create a machine to assist the pregnant with the putting-on of socks. Two speculum shaped devices are used to hold the socks. The socks are placed into the speculums and either it clips on or the sock cuff is rolled down. The speculums are raised and lowered via individual scissor lifts. The user sits or stands in front of the machine and places her foot into the socks. The speculum is released and the foot is removed, leaving the sock over the foot. The controls (open, close, up, down) will be through an attached keypad.

This device may also be useful to the obese or lazy. With some modifications, it may be used to hold open other clothing, such as underwear, pants, shirts, and coats. Imagine how easy it would be to dress a wriggly baby when you have such a machine to hold the clothing open. Load the machine, open the speculum, drop the baby in, and close.

Coal Drag, Dec 03 2004

Small Parts Grabber http://home.superne...6_finger_holder.htm
Like this? [Coal Drag, Dec 03 2004]

Assists in putting on socks, compression or regular stockings and panty hose. http://www.groverge.../dressing-aids.html
"...helps with putting on socks, stockings, panty hose, knee-highs" [half, Dec 03 2004]

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       Bun, but I suggest keeping away from the word "speculum" in any female-related topic.   

       Perhaps "shoehorn."   

       Anyway, love the idea.
shapu, Dec 03 2004

       Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the offense. Perhaps the sock holding device should be described as more like a "small part grabber". Please see the link.
Coal Drag, Dec 03 2004

       Very QVC/Lillian Vernon appropriate.
JeremiahBritt, Dec 03 2004

       Oh, I'm not offended...but I'm told that women can find speculi to be a bit of a sore point when they come up in discussions.
shapu, Dec 05 2004


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