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Tank Guardian

Tank you very much!
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It is a little robot shaped like a tank that follows you around. It is camoflauged as to be hard to see. About 8 inches by 1 foot, it is compact for easy storage(it fits in your purse if you have a large enough purse). When let loose it follows you. Alert for any danger, it shoots little but fast acting knockout darts (from the cannon) at your attacker(s). It also can be set on "guard" mode, so it can protect your car or roam the halls at night looking for burglars. Runs on rechargeable, long lasting batteries. The robot will plug it into the nearest available outlet when the energy is low. If there is no suitable outlet, it will beep and let you know it needs new batteries. Perfect for the tank enthusiast and good-looking (and seemingly easy targets) ladies.
DesertFox, Jul 18 2004


       Doable, I guess, though I doubt it would be accurate enough to be effective. Or well-enough disguised that would-be assassins would be given much pause. Most likely the thing will knock you out as well as the attackers, leaving you in a real pickle.   

       Those good-looking ladies (do you actually know any?) and tank enthusiasts (I presume that's you) would be better off simply packing a Saturday Night Special.
DrCurry, Jul 18 2004


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