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The Vishnu Vest

For those times when you could really use an extra pair of hands…
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Have you ever just wanted to reach out and slap someone, but they were too far away? Or, how about defusing a suitcase bomb, or trying to restrain a biting child? An extra pair of powerful limbs would be very handy in such dicey situations.

The Vishnu vest comprises a pair of powerful robot arms and hands extending from the vest at the waist. These arms are considerably longer than real arms, but otherwise emulate everything the real arms do. They are precisely controlled by instrumented gloves worn on the real hands.

Cut off in traffic? Don’t just show the guy the finger. Poke him in the eye with it!
pluterday, May 01 2003

Quite fashionable, actually... http://store4.yimg....lpture_1733_1853224
[pluterday, Oct 17 2004]

Otto Octavius http://alaph.com/sp...nemies/doc_ock.html
[phoenix, Oct 17 2004]


       Dr. Octopus?
phoenix, May 01 2003

       "restrain a biting child" - they don't have cattle prods where you are...?
DrCurry, May 01 2003

       + if for no other reason than the title. Seems like we've done this before, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
Worldgineer, May 01 2003

       bravo, Pluterday. Since the new appendages are robotic, can we install a small cam on one of the fingertips? That would solve a peephole issue.. +
mahatma, May 02 2003

       if they emulate what your own arms are doing, wouldn't they just get in the way?
po, May 02 2003

       [po] I couldn't think of how else to control them without resorting to some magic technology like brain reading. And besides, the choreographed movements would be quite lovely.

You are right in that they would limit your motions along the z-axis somewhat. But, as with progressive lenses, you'd get used to it.

[mahatma] Adding the finger cam would be quite useful. I can envision a dentist using this with the little beasties – no bitten fingers!
pluterday, May 02 2003


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