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Soft Keys

Squidgy keys for a lighter, more comfortable keyring
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Instead of metal keys which hurt to sit on, these keys are made from the same rubbery, flexible plastic as those unbreakable rulers.

How would it open your lock? One way would be to take the torque off the key when you open the door. The key would be inserted as normal, moving the pins into place, then instead of turning the key the mechanism would be rotated by the handle. Insert key - turn handle - remove key.

Another way would have a column of LEDs focused at a column of LDRs on the front of the lock - when the key is inserted fully it activates the LEDs which then 'scan' the shape of the key as it is removed. Normal locks have three or four levels to each pin, so only three or four LEDs would be needed. Insert key - remove key - turn handle.

Soft Keys could come in a range translucent sparkly colours. A Soft Key Keyring would be lightweight, cheap, durable, wouldn't jingle as you walked, and would be soft enough to sleep on.

mitxela, Jan 20 2010


       What happens if you absent mindedly chew it? (bone not mine, by the way)
xenzag, Jan 20 2010

       Have you not experienced the wonders of the rulers I speak of? They're quite resistant to teeth marks.
mitxela, Jan 20 2010

       //wouldn't jingle as you walked, and would be soft enough to sleep on.   

       An elegant solution to a nonexistent problem.
leinypoo13, Jan 20 2010

       So, if you're going to replace all locks with new ones to accomodate these keys, why not fit keypad locks (which need no key), or card-reading locks?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2010

       //An elegant solution to a nonexistent problem.// I can't tell if that's a compliment.   

       Can I change the idea to mind-reading locks, then?
mitxela, Jan 20 2010

       Sitting on an unbreakable ruler is not that comfortable either, if you get the angle wrong.
bungston, Jan 20 2010

       Bun. I hate keys poking me in the pocket. What I do like are those flip-keys that certain high-end luxury cars have.
RayfordSteele, Jan 21 2010

       Keys are hard and pokey to remind you that they're not lost, or inside the place you have to later get in to.
rcarty, Jan 23 2010

       nice soft bun [+]
Mustardface, Jan 24 2010


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