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Touchy-Feely Lock Key

Lock Keys designed to be identified by touch.
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Key blanks for new keys or "jackets" for old keys would be designed for ease of identification by touch alone. When it's dark you can pull your key ring out and feel for that particular texture that identifies your latch key or whatever. If it's cold you could identify the key while still in pocket or purse. Limitations on the textures used would be that it not be so aggressive that it tear the heck out of your pocket or purse lining. The texture should also not add appreciable bulk to the key.
hangingchad, Feb 01 2006


       I've got five keys on my keychain: Car key (large plastic tab on the back), Front door key (standard kwikset deal), Back door key (standard quikset with a rubber ring around it), Mailbox key (smaller than the rest, smooth, only one hole for the keyring), bike lock key (cylinder lock style). All are very easy to quickly identify by touch alone.   

       What is it that you're trying to bake?
Freefall, Feb 01 2006

       Well (Freefall) it looks like you don't need this innovation. Myself, I carry two keyrings. I keep the backdoor key and ignition keys for three cars on one and the basement and front door keys and door and trunk keys for the cars on the other. Some of these locks are easily identifiable by touch and some are not. If I could readily distinguish between the small oval door and trunk key for my Chevy and the small round door key for the Dodge or between the large square brass key for my front door and the large square aluminum key for the sliding back door it would be nice.
hangingchad, Feb 02 2006

       It would be very nice indeed. I like the idea. The keys to my home, my office, and my mother's home are nearly identical even in daylight - let alone darkness! Absolutely, an excellent idea. I envy those who do not understand its usefulness.
pigonthewing, Feb 02 2006

       You could learn braille?
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 03 2006

       You can already buy rubber rings for your key heads that have different sized raised dots for the same purpose.
lintkeeper2, Feb 03 2006

       // You can already buy rubber rings for your key heads that have different sized raised dots for the same purpose //   

       Yeah, but they're too big. They add a considerably amount of extra thickness to the keys. Yes, the solve the problem, but not as elegantly as possible.
pigonthewing, Feb 03 2006


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