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the tossed key

Computer mapped keys and key ring which produces main key on a toss.
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A service where a key is selected and photos of the key ring and keys are sent in. A computer model is produced as if the set as if it is throw in the air. Weights and links are produced with a diagram of how to attach them to the personal set. Weights are made from unmatched and misused keys.

Now, when the client throws their keys in the air, momentum physics means one key stands out of the group. This key can now be caught and used. This gives a quick as easy selection of the most used key.

For a premium, keys can be selected for a vertical, horizontal spin and the standard vertical toss giving three main keys.

Disclaim: Product varies wildly with how key are thrown and caught and whether this is physically possible or not.

wjt, May 26 2019


       This reminds me of a branched string thing that looks sort of like a tree that when you upend it twice automatically sorts so that the distal ends are the longest path. It is kind of like a kind of parallel computer. I could imagine a mathematician having a really good time with it too.   

       I do not know what it is called.
beanangel, May 26 2019

       I honestly don't know if this will work. Imparting a force upward on a bunch of keys, there is little to deflect the momentum through the brunch to produce the most used key. I don't think loose links between groups of keys is enough. Maybe some springy or jiggly material may help.   


       [beanangel] Get back to me, if more info comes to mind. Sounds like something I would love to assess and generalise the function of.
wjt, May 27 2019


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