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Solar Laptop

My calculator has a solar panel on it, why not my laptop?
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The outer surface of my laptop should have a solar array embedded into it, like a solar calculator.

Now I realize that this will not power my laptop as after a rough calculation, I will only get about 12 watts of power in direct sunlight. The thing to remember is that power consumption for a laptop is in the 20-40 watt range, depending on what you're doing. So 12 watts of power is quite significant. A built-in solar array could increase battery life, and in a pinch can be used to charge your laptop.

Perhaps this can come as an add-on (for a price) if you design your laptop online.


Laptop SA: 24cm by 36 = 864 cm^2, Power Generation/cm^2: 14mW (let's be reasonable). 864*14mW= a whopping 12 watts

Laptop power usage was based on several websites

swimr, Sep 25 2008

lightweight flexible solar panels http://www.powerfil...omponents/index.htm
[batou, Sep 26 2008]


       I was picturing a flexible panel stuck to the top of the laptop lid with an inbuilt regulator and low profile plug. Would not the laptop be subjected to extreme heat if it is left in direct sunlight? - Just a thought -
superjohn, Sep 25 2008

       I suppose it depends on where you live. In Australia we don't tend to leave electronic stuff in the sun because it does tend to get too hot to touch and/or melt...
superjohn, Sep 25 2008

       I think a much better idea is a portable solar panel with a 2-3 meter cord. Then you can sit under a tree while the panel is soaking up some sun :) Plus the panel's size isn't restained by the dimensions of the computer, so it can be slightly bigger and produce 15-25 watts, and then fold in half for travel.   

       How much would a 20 watt panel weigh?
piwoslaw, Sep 25 2008

       PowerFilm Rollable R15-1200 20 Watt solar charger comes in just under 2 pounds.
jutta, Sep 26 2008


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