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Terminal Tablet

A tablet style PC which is just a dumb terminal
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A tablet style interface has got quite a few advantages over elements of the traditional desktop and laptop forms, however battery life, the processors they choose and weight are still significant down sides.

I therefore propose (only because I can't find one anywhere) a terminal tablet, which just lets you VNC/RDP onto a host, whose processing power you can use.

Ideally this would just run wifi, wimax or similar.
neilp, Jan 16 2006

(?) Wyse http://www.wyse.com...nterm/S10/index.asp
terminals, but not tablets. [neilp, Jan 16 2006]

(?) ViewSonic Smart Display http://www.viewsoni...plays/airpanelv110/
Baked - and works awesome ... and no I don't work for ViewSonic [ixnaum, Jan 17 2006]


       If by "dumb terminal", you mean something like a VT220 or similar, I'm curious about how functional it would be without a keyboard.
half, Jan 16 2006

       I was really thinking of something whose local operating system was only there to handle input and a VNC connection to something with real power. Like the Wyse terminals, but tablety.

In my experience as soon as you put Windows on the client you start to run into the problems I outlined above.
neilp, Jan 16 2006

       Baked (I hold one in my hands now ) ... ViewSonic Smart Display 150 .. check out the link
ixnaum, Jan 17 2006

       Oh. I thought this would be about cyanide pills.
jutta, Jan 17 2006

       [ixnaum], mmm, that looks nice. I thought SmartDisplay was a pretty nice concept it's a shame it wasn't more widely adopted. Does rather pin you down to a windows XP.
neilp, Jan 17 2006

       Drat! Jutta beat me to it.
bristolz, Jan 17 2006


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