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Solar Panel PAINT

littel electron-traps/Photovoltaic Elements painted on.
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a cheap sales trick, found by the employees of the 'Huh, Huh, Make ME' department,

is solar PV paint, that makes prototypes self-propelled into the next shop/business model/conctruction phase.

originally given as 'Sky High' light blue, it could appear in river deep, ocean's of splendor, forrester green, lumberjack tartan, and so on.

sirau, Oct 27 2012


       If you Google "paint-on solar panel" or similar, you will find many hits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2012

       A person whom I vaguely know (in the way that residents of small towns sort of know residents of adjeacent towns) painted half of his roof with something like this. I don't know if it collects energy very well, but it's excellent for blinding northbound drivers in mid-morning.
Alterother, Oct 27 2012


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