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Solar Powered Air Conditioner

The Brighter the Sun the Cooler it gets!
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Using a modified Einstein-Szilard cooling cycle, a Air-Conditioning system works by Solar Heating (and a little Photovoltaic power as well).

A large Frensel Lense Solar Concentrator is installed onto the roof a a high typically Sunlit building. This heats one part of the cooling loop, this heat energy is used as a part of a Gas-Exchange cooling system that is used to cool a large volume of otherwise hot air.

The main idea of this is not to replace all electical AC units but to surplant them on very sunny / hot days where Solar Heat is abundant and Electricity not so.

The Hotter it is, the colder the output air will be.

The system being a modified version of the Einstein cycle can run entirely on heat (solar) alone. However I think it would be best to replace the inefficient heat pump with a traditional motor pump (also solar powered).

Melchior, Mar 29 2007

CYCLE THERMODYNAMIC MODEL http://www.me.gatec.../andy_phd/three.htm
[nuclear hobo, Mar 29 2007]

gas-powered fridge http://www.cam.net....lda/electrolux.html
[nuclear hobo, Mar 29 2007]


       brilliant. [+]
CaptainClapper, Mar 29 2007

       I'll take two, no make that three. [+]
nuclear hobo, Mar 29 2007

       I may be wrong, but it seems that as the bubble pump uses a small proportion of the total power, its inefficiency is more than made up for by the total lack of moving parts; a //traditional motor pump// would create the need for rotary seals or a sealed motor unit, which would require breaking of seals for maintenance.
spidermother, Jan 27 2009

       sp. "Fresnel lens"
coprocephalous, Jan 27 2009


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