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Szilárd Air Conditioning

The masses demand new auto AC system!
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As we all know ICE's produce tremendous waste heat, much of which is lost into the atmosphere in one form or another. My proposal is an environmentally friendly approach to cooling the interior of the cabin while reducing weight and increasing efficiency. If you are familiar with the Einstein/Szilárd cooler you know that they find wide application in RVs for, although they are somewhat inefficient, they can use a simple propane burner to cause cooling. Wiki it if you are unfamiliar as the article is good in this case. Why not place a boiler in the catalyst or build it into the exhaust manifold using the native heat from the engine to power a large gas absorption cooling cycle? Admittedly it would take some time to "warm up", but after that the output is free costing nothing in way of crank hp or DC.

Admittedly these units could not be directly translated from their refrigerator counterparts. They would need an all stainless construction to eliminate the need for chromates and other anticorrosive measures. Further a system to regulate the boiler, to prevent it from running dry would be crucial.

This sound bakable?

Still working on the crank scavenged turbo diesel single and the automated rotating espresso machine.

WcW, Jun 03 2008

E-S refrigerator http://gtalumni.org...sum98/einsrefr.html
A practical implemetation [8th of 7, Jun 04 2008]

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia...nstein_refrigerator
Lots of references [8th of 7, Jun 04 2008]

Of Zelazny and slizzards http://www.google.c...ard+zelazny&spell=1
[normzone, Jul 08 2010]


       [+] and a further virtual [+] for the upcoming crank-scavenged turbo-diesel automated rotating espresso machine
FlyingToaster, Jun 03 2008

       Drawbacks may include insufficient cooling power and/or cold exhaust gases (causing problems with condensation, performance and - guessing here - emissions).
Texticle, Jun 03 2008

       "Admittedly it would take some time to "warm up", but after that the output is free costing nothing in way of crank hp or DC."
Well, you have to carry the thing around and that costs HP, but you can factor in the difference between that and standard automotive AC.
phoenix, Jun 03 2008

       // crank scavenged turbo diesel single //   

       There's a "model" (it's about 1/8 scale) helicopter - a Bell 47 - around that uses exactly this; a flat-4 horizontally opposed diesel, crankcase scavenged, with a turbo charger. The cylinders and pistons are possibly made of titanium .... the power to weight ratio is awesome and the whole powerplant is about the size of a coffee can.   

       [+] for the E-S idea, by the way.
8th of 7, Jun 04 2008

       //would take some time to "warm up"// so in the meantime enjoy the light cool sounds of The Thermoelectrics.   

       What temperature is required in the boiler for the ES to work?
FlyingToaster, Jul 03 2010

       I'm not clear, but its not likely more than 500*, might be able to function as low as 400*. You need a radiator to act as a condenser so you also need about 300* differential.
WcW, Jul 06 2010

       plenty of heat on the manifold... might have to work something out with the catalytic converter.
FlyingToaster, Jul 06 2010

       We can't cool the catylist very much so the boiler might be best positioned immediately downstream of it. This would also minimize sooting of the heat exchanger and any potential impact on emissions.
WcW, Jul 08 2010


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