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Solar Powered Garden Rabbit Toaster

Last ditch effort
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Fencing, moats and Do Not Enter signs only go so far. Eventually those pesky rabbits are going to get in. Utilizing solar power and a storage battery for nocturnal operation, a toaster big enough for a rabbit is partially buried in the garden. A carrot bait is positioned just beneath the device and when the rabbit crawls in to investigate, the device quickly electrocutes it. After the required cooking period the auto-eject mechanism distributes the beneficial ash into the garden and resets itself.
whatrock, Mar 29 2016


       Did the nasty rabbit eat all the veggies springing up in your garden ? So Sad.   

       Found a drowned mole rat in the hot tub a week back. I guess hot tubs can defend themselves, but gardens can't.   

       How big a battery would you need to turn an average rabbit to ash ?
popbottle, Mar 30 2016

       // How big a battery... //   

       Unknown, but probably a few. Nice to keep it all solar and green but a grid hookup seems likely.
whatrock, Mar 30 2016

       I have a rabbit in my garden, it's actually very cute. I don't think the kids would like it toasted.
pashute, Apr 02 2016

       This is a waste of rabbits, which can be quite tasty.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 03 2016

       // I don't think the kids would like it toasted. //   

       Toasted rabbit is rather crispy, isn't it. Grilled is probably tastier and can be achieved by shortening the cook time.
whatrock, Apr 03 2016

       Casseroled is best, in red wine, with garlic and shallots.   

       Rather than incineration, a pot of seasoned red wine and a powerful heater would be ideal.   

       Presumably the fur would float to the top and be skimmed off ; however, a quick spray of burning gasoline prior to cooking would burn off the fur too.
8th of 7, Apr 03 2016

       Serious question: If rabbits are a serious problem and/or eating your food crops why not trap and eat them?
Voice, Apr 03 2016

       //a pot of seasoned red wine and a powerful heater would be ideal.//   

       Yes, apart from the fact that said rabbit would (and who could blame it?) tend to defaecate into said wine before the boiling took effect. Overmore, there are good reasons why people gut and draw animals before cooking them. And morefurther, this would be a waste of perfectly drinkable red wine.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 03 2016

       Wasn't there a Lady of Shallots ? Wonder what she felt about rabbits.
popbottle, Apr 03 2016

       // why not trap and eat them? //   

       Sadly, another individual is involved who is aware of the problem but who does not wish to see an actual dead animal. I chose this invention over the Intrusive Garden Rabbit Relocation Catapult (yet to be posted).
whatrock, Apr 03 2016


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