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Sonar 3DTV

Sonar based 3D imaging system.
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Bringing back old school tech. S3D-TV (Sedative) A feasible(well I think so) method of filming in 3D is using sonar echo location from a few different points around the room/object you wish to capture. XYZ coordinates will then be permutated from the raw data. Any existing 3D display(see link) may then be used to view the image. (No color obviously, just ghostly 3d apparitions)

Using single pings the frame-rate of such a device will be very slow, but a range of frequencies may be used to make it smoother provided constructive interference is filtered.

Trodden, Jun 06 2003

Existing Display http://www.actuality-systems.com/
This link was provided by st3f for another idea. [Trodden, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

3DV Systems and JVC's ZCAM http://www.3dvsyste...press_releases.html
Realtime 3D scene and object data capture. [(), Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Passive sonar works in real time. Better than blindfolding yourself in a noisy room! Whales speak "S3D-TV"!
mr2560, Aug 23 2003

       Had to go before. This is so baked I think Archimedes must have thought of it. Drill two small holes in a View Master, and put a sonoluminescent disk in it. If your disk isn't very sensitive, make a sonic "flashlight" that oscillates at between 100-3500 KHz. This is a basic pinhole camera, for sound. As I said, it works in realtime and it's passive sonar. Simple, low tech, no raw data processing, fourier transforms , etc... just simple stereo sound-to-light conversion.
mr2560, Aug 24 2003


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