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super-parallax vr planetarium

get a feel for the (stellar) neighborhood by donning these goggles.
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What if you could get to know the stars in a new way.

Imagine if vr goggles could show you not only the stars (a vr planetarium) but exaggerate the parallax as though each eye was (say) at anywhere from normal to either side of the Earth to either side of Pluto's orbit.

Then you could develop (maybe) a sense of size and scale of the local universe.

talldave, Feb 05 2008

3D Planetarium Opened In January http://www.skyskan....Opens_in_Hawaii.pdf
[Amos Kito, Feb 05 2008]


       I like the general principle, but Pluto's orbit is only eighty AUs wide, which is not enough. You would need about a minute of arc to notice anything, and in this scheme only the Centauri system would shift at all. For somewhere like Betelgeuse to show a shift, it would need to be several hundred times wider than that.   

       However, yes [+].
nineteenthly, Feb 05 2008

       I love it (+) the idea, like a Viewmaster? Maybe do one for just the solar system viewed from Pluto? Maybe just the inner planets? The Grand Canyon? The view from the top of Everest? Whatever is so huge that it mocks explanation.
MisterQED, Feb 05 2008

       Yes, actually i can see it would work for bodies within the Solar System, particularly from vantage points where other bodies would appear as discs. Maybe from opposite limbs of the same planet or from two different co-orbital moons.
nineteenthly, Feb 05 2008


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