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Sonic Claymore

A chain of explosions that create a roughly directed wave of debilitating sound
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Pretty much as the title states, a system of explosives that are timed to create a roughly directed very powerful wave possibly in the 9Hz range to disable a group of attackers. All the references I have seen are electrically based, but I think a chemically based version would be much more portable. The challenge would be the design which makes the wave last long enough to be effective that still works in the midst of the other explosions. My guess is would be a string of explosives that start from the center and radiate out but I'm too tired now to configure the wave propagation, so I will leave it to the [MikeD]s and [8of7]s out there to tell be if this is possible or not.

Second design would be a Orion Space drive type system where tiny explosives are ejected into a parabolic chamber and exploded 9 times a second or other frequency which would in total create the desired wave. Though I guess this would be more of a Sonic Shotgun. Though designing this looking more like a concave shield would be even better.

OK, latest design... A shallow parabolic shield held on arm like a Hoplite shield except with inverted curve with a center piece to create a Cassegrain layout. The base of the inside of the shield holds a tank of gasoline and a small battery. The operator will then tuck behind the shield and press a thumb trigger to activate an electronic fuel injector to fire at the center of the shield at the centerpiece which has a spark plug. If you could get the airflow right, I think this could create the sound wave you'd need from a relatively low mass device. You might also use a tuned chamber to manage the air and tune the sound.

MisterQED, Oct 11 2011

Sound Weapon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_weapon
[MisterQED, Oct 11 2011]


       //I will leave it to the [MikeD]s and [8of7]s out there//   

       We are out of my element here, [Mr.QED]. I demolish things with explosives, not build things with explosive.   

       On retrospect; A shaped charge, or any arrangement of explosives that takes advantage of the Munroe effect should suit this purpose... maybe a successive row of linear shaped charges detonated at 9 charges/sec? What we really need for this task is an aeronatical engineer with a familiarity with explosive.
MikeD, Oct 11 2011


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