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Sonic dilatant egress.

Quicksand with an edge.
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Two, silica sand suspended water, puddles fill two open holes in the floor of your throne room.
Under each cavity is a taut stretched rubber sheet with a hole in its center just large enough to accommodate the diameter, (at full stretch), of a fully grown human passing through it feet first. From both above and below inaudible sonic pulses pummel the dilatant mixture causing it to remain rock hard and allowing both supplicants to approach as though walking on concrete.
In this case the woman on the left says agrees that yes the baby should be halved and each woman given her share of it. The woman on the right recants saying, "No, the baby is hers, I lied that it was mine, she can have it!"

You depress the button located just under your left armrest to disconnecting the power source from its emitter.

wasn't ninthed http://www.tampabay...02/050216baby.shtml
[FarmerJohn, Mar 07 2005]

thixotropic http://www.halfbake...ression=thixotropic
another addition to my vocab, courtesy of the halfbakery. [calum, Mar 08 2005]


       <strokes white cat>
po, Mar 07 2005

       <OT> I used to think Solomon was a reclusive Scottish superhero. </OT> Bun.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 07 2005

       I thought the pulses would need to be turned *on* to make the suspension liquify? Never mind, I'm sure you'll make it work and I'll think carefully about what I say round your house.
wagster, Mar 07 2005

       //Sonic dilatant egress.//
Sounds like another name for a fart.
Ling, Mar 07 2005

       That would be the silent dilettante egress [Ling].   

       Shocking link [FarmerJohn], to think of the depths people will stoop.   

       [wagster] I think the word you are thinking of for a substance is thixotropic <sp.> but don't quote me on that.   

       What a great word. I'll have to go and find somewhere to use it.
wagster, Mar 08 2005

       You could use it wags, when you break one.
skinflaps, Mar 08 2005

       I think that's horrible [skin], if I understand it.
wagster, Mar 08 2005

       eh? breaxotropic, wags?
skinflaps, Mar 08 2005

       What are we talking about?
wagster, Mar 08 2005

       I have no idea what your talking about [wags] as you probably don't know what I'm talking about, and that goes for me aswell.
skinflaps, Mar 08 2005

       Heh,(as well)
skinflaps, Mar 08 2005

       You appear to have broken your aswell - maybe you could replace it with a thixotropic.
wagster, Mar 08 2005

       Interesting tool, odd application.   

       The Front door management system could use this: If someone kicks open the front door, the sidewalk and foyer turn to mush for five minutes, or until you reset it.
Shooter, Apr 05 2005

       Thixotropic is to dilatant, as awakening is to falling asleep.
bristolz, Apr 05 2005

       I wanna see the egress!
Detly, Apr 05 2005


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