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Open Saysa Me

Magic wand key
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A wand with a powerful electromagnet embedded in the tip, and a lock hidden behind a disguised (nonremovable from the outside) plate in the wall. You wave the wand in a mystical looking gesture, and the lock analyzes the movement pattern. Only opens if you wave it in the correct pattern and utter the correct magic words. The magic words respond only to your voice, utilizing simple voiceprint analysis.

So to open the lock, you need a powerful magnet, the right gesture, the right password and the right voiceprint (2 of which can be easily changed on a daily basis). The benefit is that it's completely pick proof.

21 Quest, Nov 09 2011


       //completely pick proof// barring a thief with a parabolic mic, binoculars and a magnet.
FlyingToaster, Nov 09 2011

       Easily solved: include a small switch in the stem of the wand, with which the user can turn the electromagnet off and on in a secrety-secret pattern.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2011

       The thief has to know it uses a magnet.
21 Quest, Nov 09 2011

       Well, that's blown it, then. Now he'll know for sure.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2011

       It should auto-swing open for effect.

       What's Elvish for 'Friend?'
RayfordSteele, Nov 09 2011


       Misdirection is the key (pun intended) to all good magic tricks. Whilst the would-be thief is busy with his parabolic mic, binoculars and a magnet watching and recording your complex shwooshy motions and everchanging incantations, surreptitiously step 3 times on a small button hidden in the floor which opens the door. [RS's] Auto-swing idea is mandatory of course.
AusCan531, Nov 09 2011

       The perfect gift for the Dr. Who fan in your life.
Alterother, Nov 09 2011

       Borrowing from Google Authenticator, it could also change the wand pattern and passphrase randomly every 3 times you use it, sending an email to your smartphone with a simple animated video tutorial attached so only you know.
21 Quest, Nov 09 2011

       // parabolic mic, binoculars and a magnet // Uh, why would someone put a secret door where it is visible through an outside window? Or if that was the only reasonable location for the door, at least I'd close the blinds before opening it.

       A security system using the XBOX Kinect could be interesting as well.
scad mientist, Nov 10 2011

       Pointy hat and celestial-pattern robes optional, but strongly recommended.
21 Quest, Nov 10 2011


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