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Soul Mirror

Measures body temp and heartrate to create brilliant visuals
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Not unlike many days, today I found my mind entertaining some unusual thoughts. One of these thoughts, partially inspired by DJ Shadow's "What Does Your Soul Look Like?" songs, was--well, what DOES my soul look like? Am I really a midget with an eyepatch and an extensive collection of Tina Turner records? Am I one of the Village People? Is it possible I'm really a futuristic toaster oven that also fights crime using complex technology I couldn't even begin to fathom?
While it's impossible to say with certainty which it is (I'm hoping for the toaster), I believe it would be possible to offer a really kick-ass mirror (with some similarities to others mentioned on the HB) that could be personalized to who(m)ever is using it at the time.
The mirror has some sensors which check things such as body heat and heartrate (among other things) in order to determine your mood/feelings (like angry, sad, or happy). This information is then relayed to some type of CPU where it is all processed and then sent to the looking glass part. Here's where I get a little stuck on the idea, I know you guys can offer suggestions.
Possibly using some type of LCD like some car mirrors or even a video camera like one of the other mirror ideas here, the looking glass would reflect everything as is except for the person using it, who's essence is reflected around them, be they engulfed in it like flames or dissolved within like water. Could make things interesting.
AfroAssault, May 09 2002

Aura Imaging System http://www.drwnet.com/wings/aurapl.htm
translates the minute electromagnetic changes of the body into brilliant colors [thumbwax, May 09 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Kirlian photography http://www.cebunet.com/kirlian/
You've seen this if you've ever caught the X-files opening sequence. [waugsqueke, May 09 2002]


       Get that LSD thing going without the drug-test worries?
phoenix, May 09 2002

       Nice Aura you have there
thumbwax, May 09 2002

       Does it explode?
neelandan, May 09 2002

       Sounds like real-time Kirlian photography. Observe link.
waugsqueke, May 09 2002

       What does a soul-less bastard such as myself get from this?
quarterbaker, May 09 2002

       A motorhome with an eerie glow, quarterbaker
thumbwax, May 09 2002

       Not sure about LCD have you tryed useing it with LSD? i think that you might like the results.
TIM01, Apr 04 2003


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