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Slimming mirror

Give the customer exactly what they want to see
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Fun house mirrors distort our reflections to amuse us. Why not use a similar thing to give people the self image they crave?

As well as a slimming mirror there could be a portly mirror, a "what acne?" mirror, a "your ears are like tiny delicate pasta shells" mirror and an "of course thats the normal size honey" mirror.

The possibilities are endless.

Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

B&W mirror http://www.halfbake...idea/B_26W_20mirror
Inspired by Rods Tiger's annotation. [beauxeault, Jun 06 2001]


       How about mirrors with add-on image filters, Photoshop-stylee? I can envisage "darken" would be popular with those who liked to think they had a tan, or a "texture smoother" with those who didn't want to know about their cellulite.
-alx, Jun 07 2001

       and for the truly unpolisheable turds perhaps we could have a complete fiction mirror, which is actually a box with a model in, who just mirrors the user's every move.
eldan, Jun 07 2001

       Perhaps, the mirror could be made of a flexible material and combined with bathroom scales   

       This would allow a lever mechanism to distort the mirror in response to increased weight. This way you would never look fat, no matter how much you weigh. Although, you might begin ot wonder why your face is distorted to half its usual width?
riposte, Jun 07 2001, last modified Jun 08 2001

       This should be sold with bathroom scales that automatically subtract 1/2 pound every week off your weight.
mcdornan1, Jun 09 2001

       PeterSealey: if I was willing to do the work, I wouldn't buy the slimming mirror either.
mcdornan1, Jun 09 2001


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