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Sound and lights only casino

Room with bell whistles coin drops and flashing lights of a casino.
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Room with bells, whistles, coin drop, crowd noise sounds and flashing lights of a casino, but just some chairs and the bland walls inside.

Expensive drinks and food service available through a phone, but lunch buckets and thermos flasks allowed. Positioned next to a casino strip as meeting site for Gamblers Anonymous and casino workers on their lunch break.

feb 18 add" smoking and non smoking areas per comment.

popbottle, Feb 16 2014


       Bun, but it should charge by the hour and have non- gambling games inside ranging from virtual slots and other traditional gambling games that don't actually charge or give money to minesweeper and tetris.   

       I think it would make an excellent halfway place for gambling addicts.
Voice, Feb 16 2014

       You forgot to add cigarette smoke.
xandram, Feb 18 2014

       It's a nice idea, but I imagine for real addicts it would go over about as well as "non-alcoholic" beer at an AA meeting.
Spacecoyote, Feb 19 2014


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