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The Dogosaur Set

get Gunther von Hagens to create a Dogosaur aka Labra-sapien
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Gunther von Hagens is the founder of Bodyworlds (see link) where real human (and animal) corpses are treated using a process called "Plastination, his groundbreaking technology for preserving anatomical specimens with the use of reactive polymers."

He has already done this to at least one horse, so the next logical step would be to combine horse and human to create the first anatomically correct version of a real Centaur.

The Dogosaur Set is my follow up suggestion: Body of a man with a dog's head, walking a dog with a man's head. In the case of a Labrador this would naturally create the two versions of a Labra-sapien.

Passionate dog owners could make the bequeathing request that they are forever fused together with their beloved pets.

xenzag, Feb 24 2013

http://www.bodyworlds.com/en.html [xenzag, Feb 25 2013]

Sarah Jessica Parker em um corpo de cão http://cinefilos.jo...quiser/marsattacks/
[calum, Feb 25 2013]


bungston, Feb 24 2013

blissmiss, Feb 24 2013

       I think this is more or less baked by ye olde time carnival booths, although they used pickling or air-drying instead of plastination to preserve their monstrosities.
swimswim, Feb 25 2013

       There's were not flayed (as far as I know) to reveal correct anatomical detail. //Odd.// - thanks!
xenzag, Feb 25 2013


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