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Sounds of the Stadium Sleep Aid

For the somnially-challenged sports fan
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The true sports fan knows that the most relaxing sound in the world is that of a low-scoring baseball game. The thrum of the crowd, an occasional lusty cheer, and footfalls on spongy grass all help to put your mind and body at ease. It's Zen with a voidable year on the contract.

Sounds of the Stadium would be a recording of a baseball game, with versions from every stadium in the Major Leagues (for the true Milwaukee Brewers fan). Simply put it into your CD player or upload it to your MP3 player, lay your head back on your pillow, and let the sheep come. First, of course, is the speedy contact hitter Fluffy...

shapu, Aug 02 2005

(?) Cacophony CD Cacophony_20CD
by dweeb. Similar. [calum, Aug 02 2005]

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       Yeah. "Taps" would sound _great_ in that mood.
reensure, Aug 02 2005

       Maybe you guys across the pond from us on this side of the pond could remove the engines from NASCAR racers and record them being pushed around a oval race track.Whilst we'll play with our bangers.
skinflaps, Aug 02 2005

       If I wanted to listen to people play with their bangers, I'd...oh, you know the rest.
shapu, Aug 02 2005

       So strange it may work, if only because you'd pull enough niche market from the acidheads who want to play it in their backyard, invariably turning it into a stadium.
daseva, Aug 02 2005

       [re-ensure]: What does Taps have to do with anything?
shapu, Aug 05 2005

       +, just for reminding me why I love baseball...go Bucs!
goober, Aug 06 2005

       Resonance FM often have odd things like this.104.4FM, resonancefm.com
weedy, Aug 06 2005


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