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The Insomniacker

Dampening feedback for the racingest minds
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Receivers taped to your throbbing skull register your brainwave frequencies. So you're lying in bed horribly transfixed in a rictus of jealous agony imagining your ex-girlfriend being, well anyway, and your theta brainwaves are just hooning into the Insomniacker, which therefore endecibelizes calming delta-frequency sounds and a World Service program on beets. Ahh. You marvel at the wide world of beets. The Insomniacker, receiving regular alphas now, steps down the stimulation and leads you gently into a pleasant theta (3-7 Hz) slumber, until you hit delta and it deactivates altogether.

Because sometimes cool pillows aint enough. This feedback system may or may not meet the criteria for SHO.

General Washington, Nov 01 2002

Sleep inducer http://www.halfbake.../idea/Sleep-inducer
A less scientifickal approach. [General Washington, Oct 05 2004]


       Nice, I would replace the beets with the shipping broadcast and 'sailing away'. Could the device be used in reverse to slowly wake you up?
Zircon, Nov 01 2002

       <nitpick> That'll be the Shipping Forecast and (the late lamented) 'Sailing By', then. </nitpick>
SteveAdams, Nov 01 2002

       Ah yes; glad to see you're paying attention.   

       (Sheepish now) What do you mean late lamented...It was still being played last time i listened, about a month ago, don't tell me those modernising P.C. bastards have removed that to. Its an institution.
Zircon, Nov 01 2002

       Oh boy, I could really use one of these sometimes. Especially when I get too tired to sleep, I know it sounds counterintuitive but it can happen. Croissant from me.
madradish, Nov 01 2002

krelnik, Nov 01 2002

       involumates, then.   

       And Zircon, I'm afraid Sailing By is absolutely the worst thing: it marks the end of normalcy, when the straights are all going to sleep, and all that's left is just YOU and the DEMONS. It's like a tolling gong to me, man...
General Washington, Nov 01 2002

       Hah! Noise-cancellation for your brain.
phoenix, Nov 01 2002

       I'm afraid I'd short it out...
RayfordSteele, Nov 01 2002

       Oh, I thought this was going to be about hiring "Angel"'s Amy Acker to drop by and talk soothingly to you when you can't sleep.
Tabbyclaw, Sep 15 2003

GenYus, Jan 06 2004


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