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Sounds of the Street

Burn all those homeless musicians
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Onto a CD! In Toronto, there are a few very talented musicians, who for whatever reason are homeless or need charity, so they play on street corners. In particular I can think of one young man with no legs or fore-arms, banging away at a Casio keyboard on a wagon, and doing a really good job of it too.

So the idea is to scout for some basically good street talent (not buskers, but people in need of donations), and burn a CD. The artists get a cut, obviously, but most of the money made selling the CDs would go to the missions or other related-charities so that even those who are not musically gifted could see an improvement in lifestyle (I'm a realist, okay, I know it would not be a big improvement). The same thing could also be done with the street-side artists, although I feel that that's been baked already somewhere.

Matty, Jun 28 2002


       didn't the "subway elvis" do this already?
mihali, Jun 28 2002

       Baked. Most of the sreet musicians in NY seem to be hawking their own CDs.
DrCurry, Jun 28 2002

       Seems like having a third party "select" only the Finest music from the street would add credibility to the artists and introduce them to a wider audience.
polartomato, Jun 28 2002

       Agreed, [polartomato]. I'm thinking more about the people who play for money for a coffee (or whatever), not people who play with the hopes of launching a career, etc. If you can afford to make your own CDs of your own music, you probably don't qualify to be on this one.
Matty, Jun 28 2002

       The only problem I have with the idea is: Who gets to decide which charities benefit?
phoenix, Jun 28 2002


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