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The Bum Card

Finally a way to deal with the whole "He'll just use it for drugs and alcohol" dilemma...
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All convenience and grocery stores would participate in this restricted item gift/credit/bum card. The cards could not be used for alcohol or ciggarettes or whatever the purchaser wanted to restrict. That way the overused, rationalization (justification since our society accepts it) becomes obsolete and you either help cause your kind and can afford it or don't because you're not or you can't.


iemayem2, Apr 06 2009

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[xandram, Apr 06 2009]


       Hello Bum, why of course I'll give you ten bucks for that 20dollar card. Also, bums will proliferate based on this system. Also, //help cause your kind//, what exactly does that mean?
daseva, Apr 06 2009

       I was just thinking that I might retitle my ideas to use all caps. It lends a certain authority, you know? Also I would use a slightly larger font than everyone else. And the letters would be red.   

       Welcome, iemayem2. This particular idea has been done many times on the halfbakery. See link for one of my favorites. It is generally considered good HB protocol to do a search for your new idea first, and see if someone has come up with something similar. Then anno the old idea with your new thoughts.   

       Also: the help file may be good light reading for you, and help channel your enthusiasm.
bungston, Apr 06 2009

       an oft reported loophole with such schemes is that people sell the tokens for money to other people who use them, thus giving the original person cash to buy their drug of choice.
FlyingToaster, Apr 06 2009

       On the news today.   

       In South Africa where AIDS is pandemic infected people are buying and smoking the drugs that would be used to cure them. They would prefer to get high than to get well. In some cases.   

       They point to the living standards they have and the death rate of AIDS and the toll it has taken on their outlook. Very Sad.
blissmiss, Apr 06 2009

       Baked in germany. [daseva] overstated the exchange rate, though, it is more like 9.- for a 10.-Euro Grocery Card.
loonquawl, Apr 07 2009


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