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Souper Bowl

Ramp up your soup...
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A normal soup bowl made abnormal by a gently sloping ramp starting at the bottom, going around the bowl and ending slightly below the top. The ramp would be about a spoon width wide.

This way, the piping hot soup will always have a slightly cooler area to spoon from for quicker satisfaction. ramped%20bowl

Giblet, Jul 05 2005

Souper Bowl [FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2005, last modified Jul 08 2005]

Soup Volcano http://www.hagen.co...catit_fountain.html
My cat digs it... [Giblet, Jul 07 2005]


       I really like this, especially for kids. If it were winter I would give you five croissants!   

       However, how does the soup go up? (gravity, upside down tables, etc.)   

       I would think you would need the "soup reservoir" to be at the bottom, not the top. Unless we are talking wind farms located on the dining room table.   

       I think a soup like watercoaster design, with twists and turns and ups and downs, tunnels, etc, would be awesome. By the time it gets to table level, it should be cooler. The image is spetacular, in my mind.   

       I think this is a product that has the potential to be marketable, (god forbid).
blissmiss, Jul 05 2005

       I think Giblet means that the soup is at the bottom, and there is a small ramp that goes around the bowl (probably max 360 degrees?), which is normally covered, except for the upper-most part which will be only thinly covered and hence colder.   

       If the ramp only goes around once, then it can be cleaned and accessed by spoon. The kid would need to rotate the bowl as the level decreased, and things could be written on the ramp, which gradually get uncovered.
Ling, Jul 05 2005

       I think you're right. Sometimes I read things backwards.   

       A fake volcano, (remember from middle school), that had soup oozing down the side of it like lava, winding down in a spiral motion, through paved gutters, would be neat too. (Of course all these soups would be creamy, or otherwise you'd just end up with a scalded child.)
blissmiss, Jul 05 2005

       will this work in scalding hot cups of tea?
benfrost, Jul 05 2005

       Putting gespatcho soup in this would be a cruel irony. This should be sold with a special soup specific spoon of some sort, somthing that maximises ease of spooning and minimises spillage perhaps? +
harderthanjesus, Jul 05 2005

       So random yet so smart... [+]
CloakedBeauty, Jul 05 2005

       It came to me as I was eating a bowl of hot cream of celery.   

       Go figure.
Giblet, Jul 05 2005

       this deserves an illustration.
po, Jul 06 2005

       Cream of celery? There's no justice.
harderthanjesus, Jul 06 2005

       Excellent idea. The ramp can go around many times and still be accessed by spoon. It just needs to be wide enough and have a gentle enough slope. The slope should probably change with distance from the bottom, so that, as you eat more, and there is less soup in the bowl, and it has cooled down some, you can spoon deeper into the bowl form the ramp.
daseva, Jul 06 2005

       If you had the ramp going around too many times, you would have to spin the bowl in front of your face while keeping your lips secured to the rim in order to sip the last bit out of the bottom.   

       This is of course a required part of any soup eating ritual.   

       [blissmiss] see link. I got this for my cat, but it could be used for consomme as well.
Giblet, Jul 07 2005

       [Giblet], Went to look at your profile page, and I get, now, why you are not calling this "topless cats", eating out of a special bowl.   

       Your theory of soup eating is right on the mark. I 'm sorry that I didn't pick up on the flaws of your idea. I shall return to my drawing board, hopefully, to discover a way to reinvent, your invention, that has yet to be invented.
blissmiss, Jul 07 2005

       I don't know how you took that image from my head FarmerJohn, but you did a better job of transferring the image from my head to 'paper'.   

       I'm gonna have to put my foil hat back on.   

       Oh, and blissmiss, my bowl would work fine for the sipping, but the multilevel ramp that was suggested would be flawed.
Giblet, Jul 08 2005


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