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Space Billiards

or pool, 9-ball or even snooker
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The Space Billiard "Table" would be a large sphere with a magnetic surface and a couple of holes on it (ok, maybe 6 along xyz axes). The balls look like typicals balls except made of iron. When stabbed at with a cue stick, they would roll around the surface of the "Table", and "fall" into the holes which have slightly stronger magnetic fields. The "Table" surface would also have a bunch of rubber bumpers for the balls to angle off and complicate life a bit.
mailtosalonga, Oct 03 2005

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       Why have it magnetic???
nahte123, Oct 03 2005

       Any magnetic force strong enough to keep iron balls stuck to the sphere when a tangential blow hits with force would prevent them from rolling very far.
contracts, Oct 04 2005

       //prevent them from rolling very far// - The magnetic force is normal (perpendicular) to the sphere and wouldn't cause rolling friction anymore than gravity does on a flat table. I mail ordered one these not realizing that 'Space' meant I needed a Zero-Gravity environment. The balls just roll down to the bottom in a cluster.
CecilL, Oct 04 2005

       Er, how do you get to play this? And more importantly, where do you rest your beer?
Gordon Comstock, Oct 05 2005

       So nothing like knocking asteroids around in space towards black holes, then?
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2005

       It looks like they ARE going to do Space Golf, though.
Zimmy, Nov 22 2006

       I kinda like this idea, except you could play in zero gravity and have balls floating in 3 dimensions....then you would have some mental calculating to do!!
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006

       Make the sphere out of plexiglass and put the balls inside. You wouldn't need magnets. Have holes at the xyz axis like you said, and little spring-closed trap doors to stick the cue stick in. The balls inside would be racked into an "apostle formation" instead of a triangle. An apostle formation is when you have one ball in the center and the other twelve packed around it, each touching the ball in the center.
Xenophile, Sep 20 2007


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