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Space Clouds

create stationary "space clouds" to cool earth (perhaps moon-dust clouds)
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Since moving mass in space is fairly easy, create "space clouds" of some non-transparent material, perhaps a gas, or moon dust. When earth cools down enough, have a "space mop" scoop it all back to the moon.
pashute, Oct 22 2007


       As long as the gas isn't volitile, it won't mix into the atmosphere, it won't affect the Earth or the universe in unforseen ways, ect, I'm okay with it. It needs some work, but the theory is good. I think it has been used as a generic idea by many people, but it hasn't been implemented. Therefore, you get a bun (+)
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 22 2007

       I think you'll have problems keeping a cloud of gas together, unless of course it's large enough to hang together by its own gravity.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2007

       A dust cloud in the Earth's vicinity would soon turn into a ring system (like Saturn's rings). I'm not sure what "soon" means in this case but it might take a few hundred years. During that time sending things into space would be nearly impossible. Better to make rings right from the start.
kinemojo, Oct 23 2007

       Ring around the earth... that would be interesting. The ring would be precisely over the equator - anyplace else is unstable - and would be therefore edge-on to the sun at equinox. It would shade the northern hemisphere during northern winter, and the south during their cold spell.   

       [Shadow Phoenix] - // As long as the gas isn't volitile // volatile meaning something that spontaneously turns into gas, so - er, uh - ...
lurch, Oct 23 2007

       You might be able to stabilise a cloud at a Lagrange point, but offhand I don't recall if the one directly between the Earth and the Sun would be stable enough. There's those pesky planets Venus and Mercury to mess things up.
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 23 2007

       So let's use Venus and Mercury to make the cloud. That'll teach 'em to mess with us.   

       If we could send all our old nuclear weapons to blow chunks off those planets, the debris would form a toroidal cloud between us and the sun.
baconbrain, Oct 24 2007

       So now I can look forward to an asteroid collision with a whole new enthusiasm.
Iridium7, Oct 24 2007

       space dust futures have inched above perfect vaccum futures on the CBTF.
4whom, Oct 24 2007


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