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The Great Ice Replenisher

Put more one on ice
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The essence of the idea is to build industrial nuclear powered pipeline that's pumping, desalinating if needed water from the southern ocean back on to antarctic land mass, deep in land so it acts as a giant snow maker
theircompetitor, Aug 14 2022

Don Quixote Global Cooling [pocmloc, Aug 15 2022]

Reflective properties of various types of snow and water https://www.amap.no...-snow-and-water/971
[a1, Aug 15 2022]

Give me half a tanker of iron, and I’ll give you an ice age https://www.whoi.ed...he-ocean-with-iron/
[a1, Aug 15 2022]

https://en.wikipedi.../Iron_fertilization [a1, Aug 16 2022]


       I'm upvoting anything that gets us looking at clean, safe nuclear power to mitigate all the damage the anti nuclear hysterics have done to the planet and civilization since the 70s.
doctorremulac3, Aug 14 2022

       Free snow cones, made with wonderful purified water.
blissmiss, Aug 14 2022

       What's the point in pumping it from the Southern ocean? Water doesn't magically contain less heat as it travels North, the heat has to go somewhere. Pumping liquid water onto the arctic land mass will warm the arctic land mass and the surrounding air and water. You're much better off using nuclear power with local ocean water and one of the many suggestions on the HB to beam heat into space, then freezing the water and placing it in blocks.
Voice, Aug 14 2022

       Yes, there are some details issues with this but it features nuclear power so I'm upvoting it.
doctorremulac3, Aug 14 2022

       The water will freeze on the surface obviously. It will contribute more to cooling and ice build up then warming
theircompetitor, Aug 14 2022

       //more to coming and I've build up then evening//   

       That explains it better than I could, so [+]
pocmloc, Aug 14 2022

       Alright who broke [theircompetitor]?
Have we tried turning him off and then on again?

       What Too Fried said ^
21 Quest, Aug 14 2022

       wow that was a bad autocomplete
theircompetitor, Aug 15 2022

       The water brings heat.   

       In this household we obey the laws of thermodynamics.
RayfordSteele, Aug 15 2022

       // The water brings heat //   

       But in the process of spewing it onto land (instant snow) wouldn't the heat be separated out, and rise away from the newly-created ski slope?
whatrock, Aug 15 2022

       If you can get ice and snow to cover - and persist upon - an area of open land or water, you might have something. But piling more ice atop an existing ice pack won't change the Earth's albedo (link).
a1, Aug 15 2022

       Albedo is not the goal. Replenishing the ice and lowering water levels is the goal
theircompetitor, Aug 15 2022

       I don't think that'll work. You'll have to move huge volume of water to lower sea-levels, and if you have the energy available to do this there are probably better ways to use it.   

       I think carbon sequestration via plankton blooms are a better way to go. A few tonnes of iron minerals dumped into the right places in the ocean should do it (link).
a1, Aug 15 2022

       [a1], Al Bedo is very good, I'll grant you, but [tc] is talking about the also-good I.C. M.Ass. By golly, it just might work!   

       First Nations up at the top of Canadanada need desalination plants to provide community water. This has apparently been completely beyond the capabilities of successive Canuckistan gubmints, despite their ability to provide desalinators to Africa. Perhaps the gears/hoses/filters freeze up? Send a crack team of HBers to disassemble the Afrique desalinators, figure out what's the hold up, re-engineer it for Minus A Million weather, provide town water to NWT, Yukon, James Bay and Baffin Island reserves, and accidentally on purpose divert some of the salty seawater slurry into white crystalline 'ice/snow replacer'. What could go wrong?!
Sgt Teacup, Aug 15 2022

       // Al Bedo is very good //   

       Sure, but not as good as my two good amigos, Nick Teen and Al K. Hall.
a1, Aug 15 2022

       I don't think you can trap CO2 without free calcium. Bloom the plankton all you want, it's just going to acidify that much faster, and bloom less and slower each time.   

       Maybe we can make some plankton that makes caco6 instead, doubling the potential lock-in with just a tiny risk of turning the ocean into stomach acid?
Voice, Aug 16 2022

       //plankton that makes caco// Chocolate oceans!
pocmloc, Aug 16 2022

       Great Replenishment Theory: there is a sinister plot to manipulate the amount of white at the poles.
pertinax, Aug 16 2022

       // I don't think you can trap CO2 without free calcium //   

       Seawater contains about 400ppm calcium. Plankton growth also requires nitrogen, phosphorus, and a lot of other minerals. The idea behind iron fertilization is to seed areas specifically poor in iron relative to the other needed “stuff.”   

       The “trapping” (sequestration) occurs when the plankton dies, sinking to the ocean floor. It takes the carbon down with it so it doesn’t acidify the ocean.
a1, Aug 16 2022

       The carbon has to be bound to something. It doesn't sink down by itself. What it's bound to is calcium, and we're running out.
Voice, Aug 16 2022

       No one asked me "why in blocks?" but I'm going to answer anyway: It's so when we cause an enormous ice age and 99.99999% of us die leaving the rest to rebuild civilization from ignorance and rocks the geologists of a million years from now will have something to puzzle over.
Voice, Aug 16 2022

       // The carbon has to be bound to something //   

       It's incorporated into the bodies of the plankton, not just dissolved into the water.   

       I don't make this stuff up just to see if anyone is paying attention - well, at least I'm not THIS time - see the links provided.
a1, Aug 16 2022

       // It's incorporated into the bodies of the plankton.//   

       ...by being chemically bound to calcium. Yes there is enough in the surrounding water, but -- to steal a phrase from Asimov -- you're like the guy who stands under a tree when it rains. He figures when it gets wet he can just find himself another tree.
Voice, Aug 16 2022

       Again: Iron fertilization scheme only works in iron-deficient areas that are otherwise well supplied with the other necessary compounds. These are not all evenly distributed across the ocean.   

       Read the links - esp. the Wikipedia one, which covers the history of the idea, multiple experiments and analysis of results, arguments for and against, and so on.
a1, Aug 16 2022

       // Again: Iron fertilization scheme only works in iron-deficient areas that are otherwise well supplied with the other necessary compounds. These are not all evenly distributed across the ocean.//   

       Yes. And when you've bloomed in those places you're just going to move on to an unbloomed one. It's not like high-carbon, low-calcium water can just move around in some kind of currents, right? It's not like the whole ocean is becoming acidic, right?
Voice, Aug 16 2022


       Maybe you have something others have missed. I look forward to reading your research paper when it's published.
a1, Aug 16 2022


       Also feed it with old clothes from Ghana and plastic trash from the gyre.   

       So it becomes nuclear gain instead of waste.
pashute, Aug 17 2022


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