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More material then those boring old non-Scandinavian pasta circles.
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Spaghetti-Os are all right. Little circles of pasta, suspended in watery tomato sauce--enough to please any radial geometry student who's low on funds. The problem is what's inside the Spaghetti-Os: That's right. NOTHINGNESS.

To solve this problem, Spaghetti-Øs should be made as an alternative. That little diagonal doohickey on the "Ø" would not only add more pasta mass, but due to the cohesive properties of spaghetti sauce, more sauce would bond to each Ø as well, increasing the flavor of every spoonful. Also, the requisite of having the pasta shaped like a letter would still be met. I even think that the ever popular "Uh Oh, Spaghetti-Os" jingle could be kept (How do you pronounce an Ø, anyway?).

DrWorm, Jan 27 2010

The sound you are looking for http://www.youtube....lVQ&feature=related
[zeno, Jan 27 2010]

For [hippo] Chinese_20Symbol_20Alphabet_20Soup
Chinese Symbol Alphabet Soup [Jinbish, Jan 27 2010]

Surely this must be it http://www.youtube....watch?v=dc_Ycnqm1Cc
[zeno, Jan 28 2010]

Ø, Denmark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ø,_Denmark
Famous among lexicographers for the extreme brevity of its name [English Bob, Jan 29 2010]


       What a great idea on a rainy, winter night. Bravo, el Wormo. +
blissmiss, Jan 27 2010

       Nice idea - I don't know why 21Q is saying 'baked'.

Incidentally, is there alphabet pasta in non-Roman alphabets - e.g. the Hindi or Chinese alphabets?
hippo, Jan 27 2010

       Unicode pasta in general, i think.
nineteenthly, Jan 27 2010

       Drifting off topic from this fine idea, alphabetti spaghetti is, as comestibles go, somewhat gauche and unnecessary as traditional spaghetti can be used to generate perfectly legible copperplate text by any individual with sufficient dexterity and spunk/gumption.
calum, Jan 27 2010

       [zeno] Spaghetti-Ös?
Pronounced like the French word for water, "eau"
Dub, Jan 27 2010

       //How do you pronounce an Ø, anyway?// Zero? That's how I read it. As far as I have ever known, any time I see someone hand write that symbol, it's an indicative way to distinguish it from the letter O.
Jscotty, Jan 27 2010

       Don't forget the generic, Spaghetti-nulls. Just a canful of sauce, continuously bombarded by neutrinos. Gives me another idea: the advertisement of neutrino bombardment as a selling feature...
RayfordSteele, Jan 27 2010

       eau is pronounced like the last letter of zeno. I'll post another link of what I think this sounds like.
zeno, Jan 28 2010

       The slash through a zero is to distinguish it from the letter O: but then of course it gets confused with the letter Ø instead. Some days you just can't win.   

       I also wish to register a vote for Unicode pasta. Have this bun in the meantime.
English Bob, Jan 29 2010

       [zeno] I prounounce the o in zeno like the o in Ozone. (i.e. not like eauzeaun)
Dub, Jan 29 2010

       That's right, The french eau is pronounced exactly like the o in ozone, both.
zeno, Jan 30 2010

       [+] I'd prefer noodles shaped like an ∅ than like an Ø.
goldbb, Feb 01 2010

       &#8709 seems like a pretty big piece of pasta. You might choke!
DrWorm, Feb 01 2010

       This definitely would have given me too much stress. You see, as a small kid, I used to eat the 'A's, then the 'B's, but 'C's need closer inspection: I mean, they might have been broken 'O's. And how could I hope to distinguish between Zero and 'O'? Somehow, after that, everything else in life became relatively simple.
Ling, Feb 01 2010


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