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Poker Stars

Soup with suit/value pasta
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Shape the noodle pieces like the the four card suits. Now punch a number (1 - 9, 0=10) or J, Q, K, or A in the center. See who gets the best hand with every spoonful.

(Ideally, every can would come with a complete "deck". Novelty cans could come with jokers.)

(n.b. It seems possible to play card games besides poker, but 5- or 7-card stud seem like naturals. Blackjack would be easy, too.)

phoenix, Dec 02 2009

I love your idea. We could certainly get kids to eat their soup. Halfbakery_20Poker
Can we blend it with this one somehow? [normzone, Dec 02 2009]

Black pasta http://www.ristoran...t/linguine_nere.jpg
Not particularly appetizing in appearance. [tatterdemalion, Dec 02 2009]


       Different colours of pasta would indicate suits?
Aristotle, Dec 02 2009

       I was going with shapes but sure, you could have colored noodles instead.
phoenix, Dec 02 2009

       Ahh, I see. Maybe shapes for the suits, as you suggested, leaving different pasta colours for each pair of suits ...
Aristotle, Dec 02 2009


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