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Spaghetti Loom

A device to weave spaghetti into sheets as an alternative to sheet lasagna.
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You could get excellent effects by using tri-colour spaghetti. Tartans for scottish ex-pats (ie most scottish people!) for burns night!

(Thanks for the spelling pointers zippyanna)

dare99, Jan 21 2002


       Would this be something I could have in the home? Could I create spaghetti sheets to match the tablecloth? Seasonal sheets with pumpkins, holly, flags? Ravighetti?
phoenix, Jan 21 2002

       say what?
pleasant1, Jan 21 2002

       Yep, I'm visualising something like a knitting machine that you could put patterns into.
dare99, Jan 21 2002

       It would work best with fresh pasta, though; dried would usually crack & cooked isn't very strong.   

       OTOH, it could be combined with one of the many machines that make pasta-making easier.   

       I think Play-Doh, etc., had similar contraptions when I was young.   

       (I've been seeing striped ravioli a lot lately. Black & yellow, for one thing. Is this new?)
hello_c, Jan 21 2002

       Yes, it's made out of wasps.
dare99, Jan 21 2002

       Spaghetti baskets to keep the meatballs from rolling away! Have some fresh bread to go with your pasta.
mwburden, Jan 21 2002

       dare99, to correct the title spelling, simply insert an 'h' between the 'g' and the 'e'. Much, much easier for you to do it than the owner of this web site to do so. Though she will if she sees it, jutta has better things to do.
thumbwax, Jan 21 2002

       Oops missed one. I have become lazy from years of spell checked documents (can you get a browser spell checker?).
dare99, Jan 22 2002

       I doubt it, but you can compose your posts in a word processor, check them there, and then paste them in.
snarfyguy, Jan 22 2002

       You STILL missed one! (You got the subtext, but missed the title...)
mwburden, Jan 22 2002

       This could spawn a whole new art form.
phoenix, Jan 22 2002

       What? The mispellings or the pasta?   

       [dare99] you should weave up an example and post a photo. Maybe you could make a pasta quilt.
lummox, Jan 22 2002

       Haggis, neeps and Black Watch tartan linguini. Hmmm....
mcscotland, Jan 22 2002

       You'll get a tighter weave with angel hair.
waugsqueke, Jan 22 2002

       Works for me.
angel, Jan 22 2002

       Paglio e fieno tessere (straw and hay weave)
bristolz, Jan 22 2002

       Why stop at simple weaving?
With Spaghetti Macrame, you could not only weave a tartan, but you could created an individual woven 'basket of pasta for each person in the shape of a small scotsman in kilt complete with Sporan.
The mind boggles at the opportunties, particularly for a suitable woven receptacle for puttanesca sauce...
goff, Jan 25 2002

       Kilted sausages anyone?
mcscotland, Jan 25 2002

       what do you have against lasagna noodles?
rebekkahshiri, Jan 25 2002

       Nothing at all, just thought that woven spaghetti would leed to an interesting texture, to say nothing of the artistic endevours come up with here
dare99, Jan 25 2002

       [goff] in re: Spaghetti Macrame - with meatballs instead of beads?
phoenix, Jan 25 2002


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