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Spaghetti 'o'

Food: eating aid, Fashion: facewear
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A device for reducing the amount of mess associated with eating your spaghetti with a sucking action.

A circular piece of latex material, of about four inches diameter, with a small hole in the middle and an elastic cord to keep it on your head.

The edges of the hole are sticky and adhere to your lips, the elastic goes around your head to keep it in place.

-Pucker up.

-Apply spaghetti 'o'.

-Bring spaghetti to lips.

-Suck your brains out.

When you are done with your meal, remove spaghetti 'o' and you are clean!

-Easily washable and re-useable!

(I do use the twirl on the fork action myself, but come on, who on earth has never sucked it up and worn the sauce?)

the dog's breakfast, Nov 05 2007


       Only gets my croissant if it makes you look like Hannibal Lecter.
DrCurry, Nov 05 2007

       This idea creeped me out *because* it would make you look like Hannibal Lecter.
jtp, Nov 05 2007

       Jason Voorhees can sign a celebrity endorsement.
4whom, Nov 05 2007

       I assume you eat bloody spaghetti with this?
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 05 2007

evilpenguin, Nov 05 2007

       Thanks Evil.. Thought about napkin, but you tend to use a napkin after the fact and this applied to your head pre-mess. Thought about mask as a category too, but it just didn't seem to fit.
the dog's breakfast, Nov 07 2007

       exactly why I cook other shapes of pasta
xandram, Nov 07 2007

       //Suck your brains out//

So this is some sort of zombie-related idea, no?
DrBob, Nov 07 2007

       erm, it's a dental dam of sorts that you wear over your whole head? "sticky and adhere to your lips" is problematic. wet lips are among the most unadhesivable things on the planet. and any adhesive you can make that *would* keep the blighter on your mouth, you wouldn't want anywhere near your mouth, as it would never come off. so your glib "remove spaghetti 'o'" is more than a little misleading.
k_sra, Nov 07 2007

       +. But only if the innuendo is accidental.
Noexit, Nov 07 2007


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