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Special FX crew rental

Make life more fun
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Today while waiting in line at a store, I decided how great it would be if I could just make myself explode (surprise). Since exploding would obviously result in death, I decided I would need some kind of special effects crew to help me out. I started daydreaming ways to do it, and ultimately I decided we need a business of special effects experts that helps you pull stuff like this off for a small fee. Maybe you could get "hit" by a bus, or mutate into the Toxic Avenger. Or my personal favorite scenario: You walk into your boss's office. "Excuse me sir," you begin, "I've been needing to talk to you." "About what?" he inquires. "Well, about a raise." "Forget it. We're on a tight budget." "I CAN'T TAKE IT HERE ANYMORE! I'M ENDING ALL THIS PAIN RIGHT NOW!" You aim the gun to your head. POW! Blood everywhere. "My God! I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM THE RAISE!" You pop up. "So does that mean yes?" Of course, since you work for a vicious drug dealer he was angered by your prank and killed you anyway, but hey, wasn't it funny?
AfroAssault, Jan 25 2001


       well, I don't watch TV, so you had me. heh. don't Penn & Teller kinda do this? I mean, ok, so, they're not going to go into your office for you, but if you could pick up how to do some of that arm-slicing, it might getcha somethin'... (yeah, like arrested) (hey, btw, there's no WAY that's a TV spot... gore? suicide? drug lords? on *TV*?! [that is, in *commercials*?!] pshaw.)
absterge, Jan 25 2001

       This idea rules.
iuvare, Jan 25 2001

       ...and hey, if you get the same fx crew to rig the vicous drug dealer boss's gun, and he shoots you and you still don't die then think about it. You're a suicidal immortal messing with the drug business. That's leverage. I love this idea.
buckrogers, Jan 26 2001

       waugsqueke-I've actually seen that done off a roof with a bucket. 2 of my friends were hospitalized with burns (they're okay, mostly their hands. They didn't have eyebrows for a while either). Peter- I actually remembered seeing that commercial when I was typing this up, but that's not what inspired this (and the ad's for Hollywood Video)
AfroAssault, Jan 30 2001

       hmmm i want to mutate like tetsou on akira,which would require animation effects
technobadger, Feb 27 2001


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