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Special Nostalgia Quiz Episode

Where being a fanatical follower of the show is as good as knowledge itself
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This would only work for quiz shows which have run for at least a few years, depending on the length of each series. But after a certain number of episodes (say 70 or 80) have a special episode which consists entirely of questions previously asked on the show. Unless someone had an incredible memory and watched every episode they would only have a moderate advantage (if this advantage turns out to be too significant in practise, just half the prizes for this special edition), and you could gain an extra edge to the questions by comparing the performance of contestants to the originals (for extra fun, only ask questions which were answered correctly the first time around). For shows which have run for more than 10 years or so, a brief special series could probably be managed.
Germanicus, Nov 10 2010


       [+] and/or a question category which concerns the actual show (personnel, contestants, awards and questions trivia)
FlyingToaster, Nov 10 2010

       Good idea, that would indeed fit. Maybe the final round (if such a round fits) is that.
Germanicus, Nov 11 2010

       Good one.
"I'll take Trebek quotes for two thousand Alex."

       Name: Gnomethang
Specialised Subject: Correctly answered Mastermind Questions from 1st October 2010 to 10th October 2010
gnomethang, Nov 16 2010

       <Two Ronnies>

"Specialist subject?"
"Answering the question before last".

DrBob, Nov 16 2010

       "..her heart may be in the right place but her-" "Charlie's Aunt"
Germanicus, Nov 16 2010


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