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Specific Suffering Sentencing

"You are hereby fined 14000 Agons," said the judge...
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Define a "unit of suffering" called the Agon. Sentence convicted miscreants to undergo a specific amount of suffering - but the state doesn't much care how that sentence is carried out, the perp can choose; the state also doesn't much care how long it takes the perp to pay the bill. Pick a more intense means of punishment (or for that matter choose medical research that involves some pain), get out of prison sooner. Have a normal prison life, stay there longer. Have a good time, stay there even *longer*.

(One might define a unit of pleasure - the "hedon" - and keep a balance sheet.)

Some crimes might call for more Agons than a person could stand in the timeframe of a normal life. These would be lifers - or if they wanted to pay it off all at once, Kevorkian machines would be provided...

smendler, Jun 01 2009

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       This is all well and good if you are one of those people who thinks that the idea of rehabilitation is pointless, and the entire purpose of incarceration is punishment.   

       If, however, you're one of those bleeding heart types who thinks that teaching a useful skill might benefit some people who have transgressed due to a lack of options, then this doesn't seem like all that great of an idea.   

       It would, however, work well for teenagers, who, in general, from what Ive seen, anyway, need more hitting.
ericscottf, Jun 01 2009

       Pleasurecruise: 500K Hedons or money back!
loonquawl, Jun 02 2009


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