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Vandal Sniper Magistrates

Instant retribution
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Petty vandalism is a public nuisance and expensive to deal with in your current crimnal justice models.

Several levels down from Judge Dredd, it is possible to envisage Judge Uneeze, a Sniper Magistrate, equipped with a sniper rifle loaded with low-lethality projectiles and equipped with night vision. Since these individuals are already approved to dispense substantial judicial punishment, having them do this at the actual instant of the offence should not be problematic. If the sighting system is equipped with a camera and recorder, then the evidence of guilt is incontrovertable and the punishment is swift and inexpensive - typically, a huge and very painful bruise on a lower limb.

The deterrent effect would be considerable.

8th of 7, May 09 2010

Speedhunters! Speedhunters
[bungston, May 10 2010]


       Load the guns with a malodorant projectile instead, so that shooting the offender is a complete punishment in itself.
victory, May 09 2010

       is their sight and shaky aim up to this? they might hit an innocent passer-by (like me)
po, May 09 2010

       yeah, cut down the rattle can grannies where they tag.
WcW, May 09 2010

       A paintball would seem the most appropriate.
marklar, May 10 2010

       I have linked up my Speedhunters concept, brought back from the dead by the bakesperson after being lost in the Great Crash.. It is similar in principle to what is described here. At one time this was my second-most boned idea of all time (the first being Sport Whaling, deleted out of fear). But now, reborn into a new era, it has a new lease on life. I can smell the yeast!
bungston, May 10 2010

       A lot of magistrates are quite old and frail. I think an armed mobility scooter would be better suited for this type of instant justice role. Something like the tanks from the end game of 'Takashi's Castle'. Sidemounted heavy calibre rapid fire paintguns or something similar should do the job.
S-note, May 10 2010

       //A paintball would seem the most appropriate//
missing would be doubly embarassing... unless the ball was loaded with paint-stripper.
FlyingToaster, May 11 2010

       You want to introduce loaded strippers into this madness?
normzone, May 11 2010

       Why not ? The more, the merrier ...   

       Next week: Live Celebrity Mud Wrestling With Penguins.
8th of 7, May 11 2010

       Bungston, if it is not. Mob rule, what is it?   

       I have visions of tracking down the pansies that spray paint useless crap in my hood, but how can I be sure I got the one who actually did it?   

       I talked to the N indians in the corner store - there's nothing on the survellaince camera at all.   

       I'm sick of their lame excuse for art. Hell, I could do better /w. A pen between mt toes, but I don't.   

       OOOOh! A stenciled thing!   

       Screw you!   

       Subdivision boys, think you're all that.   

       Look into the eyes of tbe black spoons like I have PUNKS!
Zimmy, May 12 2010


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