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See those concrete blocks?

Here is your prybar, good luck.
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I propose a new series of punishments for lesser crimes. Such as drug possesion, theft, dui and so on.

Each inmate is assigned a series of large concrete blocks. Their cell number is spray painted on the side of them. The inmate is then given a certain amount of time each day to move his or her series of blocks a certain distance.

For example, a person commits petty theft. The punishment is 4 blocks each weighing 250 pounds stretched over a distance of 4 miles. Said person is then given 4 hours a day to move the blocks back to a starting point. They are given a pry-bar. When their time is up, the blocks stay where they are until the next day when the inmate is again allowed to move them.

Once the inmate has moved all the blocks back to a starting point they are released back into society.

Repeat offenders would be given heavier blocks over a longer distance. The system would be set up so a minimum amount of time in prison would be spent due to the fact that the moving of the blocks will take over a certain amount of time.

The setting could also be adjusted. Level terrain, rain, snow, desert all could be factors. The setting would rely mainly upon the location of each prison. I believe that this would drill into the minds of the offenders that what they are doing is getting them nowhere.

Antegrity, Jan 25 2006

What do I learn from this enormous rock? http://www.clas.ufl...2002_sarbit04.shtml
Just a tad more than halfway down. [daseva, Jan 26 2006]

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       I wrote this idea before I read the "rock prison idea". There are certain differences.
Antegrity, Jan 25 2006

       And so, the pysically strong offenders are released sooner? How is that just? And why not have them do something meaningful, like make wool blankets or license plates.. oh wait, they do that. No bun from me, sorry. It's not fair to the little offender.
roleohibachi, Jan 25 2006

       Just seems to be a variation of "hard labor" as a punishment.
5th Earth, Jan 25 2006

       Hey, is the world fair? Hard labor works, they just stoped doing it because people began thinking it was cruel. Dont worry your supply of blankets and license plates is secure.
Antegrity, Jan 25 2006

       //they just stopped doing it because people began thinking it was cruel//   

       It is not only cruel, but more importantly useless. I'd much rather have my prisoners contributing to society than moving rocks for no reason.
Germanicus, Jan 25 2006

       Pry-bar beatings would increase. As would break-outs.   

       Blocks would arrive back at the start massively battered and suspiciously lighter.   

       Intelligent convicts would team up to quickly carry their blocks to the finish line.   

       Weak villans would leave prison strong and dangerous (and angry).
Loris, Jan 25 2006

       I was once arrested (rightfully) for petty theft. And as you can guess, I am a pasty faced weakling. Instead of spending a few hours in jail, you want me to lug 250 pound blocks for four miles? Because I stole a DVD? I'd still be there today.   

       While I agree that I did get off easy with incredibly light jail time and mandatory attendance to the day long "StopLift" rehabilitation program, this idea is far too harsh. Better to put fledgling scum like me to community services like cleaning up highways and painting over graffiti.   

       You're right to dislike the current penal system. It lets people off easy untill they go to far, at which point the system promptly executes them or lets them rot in jail. Read "Starship Troppers" (the novel, not the shit movie). One chapter in particular articulately points out the problems in our standard justice system, from juvenille delinquency to capital punishment.
notmarkflynn, Jan 25 2006

       No electric shocks? Bone!
bungston, Jan 25 2006

       The felons wouldnt simply be allowed to walk free they would be under constant supervision.
Antegrity, Jan 25 2006

       Maybe, there's a subconscious effect too, like:   

       This is so pointless, over and over in your head. And when it comes time to steal money for drugs, your head is stll saying it.
daseva, Jan 26 2006

       Title suggestion: <Sisyphus Labor Camp>
daseva, Jan 26 2006

       And when the rock is too heavy?
daseva, Jan 26 2006

       I like the idea of physical labor punishments but I see large turnstiles like in the "Conan" movie. And instead of distance I see Killowatt hrs.
llenk, Jan 26 2006

       But, then it's useful, and that ruins the punishment.
daseva, Jan 26 2006

       Then there are martyrs on the alter of lost causes ... like that chap that memorized pi to the 20,000th place and all.
reensure, Jan 26 2006

       To stop this idea favouring the physically fit and strong, how about Knitting Camp? - "You have been sentenced to knit 20ft of wooly scarf!"
hippo, Jan 26 2006

       Antegrity - you might want to see the film "Music of Chance". Dante, of course, describes the perpetual rolling of stones up hill in purgatory. Blocks of lard would be better than stones, or large cubes of frozen baked beans, that had to be moved without losing any.....   

       I'm with Hippo and Druze on this one - prefer the idea of non-macho punishments (despite my own cuise-liner rowing idea). Televised broadcasts of hand sewing frilly edges onto giant pairs of pink knickers, with tiny needes and thread.....
xenzag, Jan 26 2006

       There's something in that [Quest].
wagster, Jan 26 2006

       Knitting Camp link added.
hippo, Jan 26 2006

       block weights would be determined by the relative weight of the inmate. An apropriately long pry bar would be given. They are not supposed to be able to roll them with ease. From the first flip to the last the inmate would strugle.
Antegrity, Jan 26 2006

       David Baddiel> See those concrete blocks?
Prof F.J.Lewis> Yes.
David Baddiel> I mean that large pile of concrete blocks over there that are pulled, roughly, into what I can only describe as a shitty pile of bricks?.
Prof F.J.Lewis> Yes, I can see that pile of concrete blocks.
David Baddiel> That's your house that is.
David Baddiel> That's the best house that you can afford...
Prof F.J.Lewis> I See. Well in that case.....
gnomethang, Jan 26 2006

       [gnomethang] You're living in the 90s, but you're missing your vocation. :-)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 26 2006

gnomethang, Jan 26 2006

       But what if I WANT to build my prying muscles? Does that give me the right to break the law?
roleohibachi, Feb 03 2006

       my uncle used to move cinder blocks around in the back yard for fun. he'd love this. at least we think so, we haven't talked to him since he cased that bank...
carpeliam, Feb 03 2006

       This is similar to that Puzzle Prison idea (linked). Except this favours those with good physical strength, whereas that favoured those with mental ability.   

       Perhaps the cinderblocks can make up a big jigsaw puzzle to do when you get them to the finishing point.
hidden truths, Feb 03 2006

       And when the inmate moves all the blocks and arranges them, the blocks read "I like shopping for boots"
Antegrity, Feb 04 2006

       Does that mean that an eighty-year-old female convict would have to spend more time in prison than a twenty-two-year-old butch male who committed the same crime?   

       Two words: not fair. Now, I know life in general isn't and can't be fair, but governments have the task of trying to make their citizens' lives as just as can be. This is patently not just in anyway.   

       See how you like lugging this fishbone around.
bookends, May 07 2006

       hey there!! move my rock or i'll be by your place tonight for a special, very personal party for two!
twitch, Nov 05 2006

       Maybe they could give pry bars to all of the prisoners in Joe Arpio's jail. "Bam-whack- what was that!? - that was a convicted felloner attack!" Mwahahaha!
quantum_flux, Nov 20 2007

       Being a part of the "gimp" crowd, stealing a gallon of milk would end up as a life sentence. [-]   

       If this idea had them hauling the bricks to build housing for low income/elderly/disabled, it would get my vote. Pointless B.S. gets a bone.   

       A better idea would be to put them on hard labor for Habitat for Humanity. They work their arse off and get the good feeling of having helped their fellow man, and maybe even learn a real trade. They might then feel good about themselves enough to stop commiting crimes.
Klaatu, Nov 20 2007

       //I like the idea of physical labor punishments but I see large turnstiles like in the "Conan" movie. And instead of distance I see Killowatt hrs.//   

       Super-anno-bun to [llenk]. That there should be a posted idea.
theleopard, Nov 20 2007


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