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Spectral chromatic scale

Grind "duodecimal calendar" and pour "extra hue between indigo and violet" on it
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There is a twelve-note scale in music but the "black" notes are considered less important than the "white" ones. Similarly, with spectral colours there´s an uneven distribution, but by happenstance the visible electromagnetic spectrum covers almost exactly one octave. It´s therefore possible to apply the same principle to spectral colours, logarithmically arranged like notes. One of the things you get as a result is an extra hue between indigo and violet. This is how it goes (each wavelength is, logarithmically speaking, the middle of the range of that colour):
The "white" hues are maroon, red, orange, lime (roughly, i´m not au fait with the technical terms here), green-blue, indigo and violet. The "black" hues are crimson, "blood orange", green, blue and indigo-violet.
Alternatively, these can be seen as a sequence of colours from deep red to violet.
I can see several advantages to this:
* It unifies the musical and colour spectra, creating artificial synaesthesia.
* It gets rid of the spurious "yellow", which is really just orangey-green pretending to be a colour
* It´s fairer to the violet end of the spectrum, which right now is a huge expanse of colour with just one name.
* It compensates for the poor colour perception at the shorter wavelengths by providing divisions between those colours and making them more noticeable, like the Inuit "snow" myth.
* It provides a name for the colour between indigo and violet.
* It involves the number twelve.
nineteenthly, Dec 08 2008


       You are guaranteed to make persons with synaesthesia completely bonkers. Their main complaint re color is that people put the wrong color with their letters/numbers/sounds/days of the week/etc...
bookwench, Dec 10 2008


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