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Tetrahedral Teletubby Colour Space

Describe colours by means of how similar to a particular teletubby they are
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It's possible that teletubbies are the answer to everything. Whereas that may not be completely true, I feel nonetheless that they can be used to describe colours, thus:

Imagine a regular tetrahedron. At each vertex stands a teletubby. In terms of RGB values, their colours are roughly as follows:

Tinky-Winky: 301360;

Dipsy: A00E26;

La-La: 9BC14B;

And last, but not least, Po: FFC10F.

Clearly the colours represented by the teletubbies themselves are easy to define. Each one is completely one of them and zero any of the three others. There is also a theoretical central teletubby who is zero percent like any of the others in colour. In fact this mysterious central individual fascinates me. What shape is their aerial? Are they average in height? What is their name? I estimate that the central teletubby is a kind of aqua colour - 9AE8F8 in terms of RGB hex triplets.

Other colours are described in terms of the four teletubby axes, which are line segments drawn from the mysterious fifth central teletubby who must exist if teletubby colour theory can work at all, to each of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po. The coordinates are defined in terms of the distance along those lines as a real number between zero and one.

It occurs to me now that there is also a 4-D simplex polytope vertex teletubby ana to the four three- dimensional teletubbies, and I'm not sure whether this teletubby is in fact the same as the central teletubby or not. I kind of envisage a supersaturated version of the central one, but maybe not.

Like other colour spaces, not all colours can be adequately represented by this space. Firstly, all colours are strongly saturated. There are no baby blues or pale pinks, no whites, browns, blacks or greys in this tetrahedron. Secondly, primary additive colours cannot be represented although Po is, surprisingly, the reddest. Thirdly, blues are rather deficient and reds over-represented.

nineteenthly, Jul 23 2017

Tiddlytubbies http://teletubbies..../wiki/Tiddlytubbies
Challenging the theory that teletubbies are fundamental units. [Zeuxis, Jul 24 2017]


       I once wrote an episode where an old teletubby describes a time when all teletubbies were black and white. I forget what I named her.
po, Jul 23 2017

       That's brilliant! Though in terms of colour perhaps rather dull. Is there an origin story for their colours?
nineteenthly, Jul 23 2017

       No idea. She was called Auntie Gaga. That was before Lady Gaga btw.
po, Jul 23 2017

       With regards to the recent topic on crisp-packet colour standardization, does anyone happen to know what Teletubby tastes like?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2017

       [IanTindale] {clap-clap}
IMHO ought to be RGBA parameters (which, perhaps, might require renaming Tellyqubies), and HTML5 and websafe
Dub, Jul 23 2017

       Websafe is probably easily implemented with this, although who really needs that nowadays? Maybe extremely cheap phones? Not sure about the rest.   

       [Ian], maybe their great-grandparents were invisible.
nineteenthly, Jul 24 2017

       Oh yes, radio ga ga, radio goo goo, and radio blah blah. I remember them well, they were all we'd hear!   

       Po, can you post a link to your episode?
jutta, Jul 29 2017

       // does anyone happen to know what Teletubby tastes like? //   

       Probably very like Womble.
8th of 7, Jul 29 2017

       Wombles tend to have amnesia regarding their identity.
nineteenthly, Jul 29 2017

       not really kosher, but if you stretch the heights the teletubbies they could could get paler, thus affecting the rest of the color space to provide light pastels. Note: this is not rude to actual teletubbies, it is just a tweaky sliderbar.
beanangel, Jul 29 2017

       // stretch the heights the teletubbies //   

       Now there's an idea. Would you use a rack, or a noose round the neck and heavy weights on the ankles ?
8th of 7, Jul 29 2017


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