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Speech de-recognition to filter out blather

which might also function to determine latitude
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Whilst trying to have a chat over coffee with my friend, her aged p kept going on about the witches who have fooled around with her eyesight, I came up with a cunning plan.

With the use of one camera, a device that can do lip- reading and two pairs of noise-cancelling earpieces it should be possible to cancel out the blathering of the third party. Merely looking their way occasionally, nodding and smiling should keep them from noticing until the end of the conversation.

Incidentally, I also thought the same equipment, sans ear- pieces, would also function as a method of determining latitude, by measuring how dark-skinned the Son of God is in paintings in churches.

I am, as you may have guessed, a bit bored.

PS Howcome Dr Calderon turns up in the Father Brown stories and x-files season 5, not to mention Lady Diana Wales...that G. K. Chesterton fooling around with that Ferenghi worm-hole I suspect

not_morrison_rm, Oct 03 2015


       Weren't you the least bit curious as to how the witches fooled around with her aged p's eyesight?   

       Enquiring minds want to know.   

       //determining latitude// the ppm of capsaicin in the atmosphere.
FlyingToaster, Oct 03 2015

       //curious as to how the witches fooled around with her aged p's eyesight?   

       Errr... no, not really. UV light, or microwaves etc (remembers the bit in Johannes Cabal story where Cabal (the scientist) shoots the evil wizard as he's winding up to do a hex and points out that people in labcoats regularly perform stuff much more useful than with magicians).   

       //Is it just me or did the idea tail off toward the end   

       Like I said, I was a bit bored. If you were to rephrase that as petered out, then we could build on that to form an apostolic range, with presumably "it judased out" as the worst, for more inconclusive results "it thomased out".
not_morrison_rm, Oct 04 2015


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