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speech recognition movie editor

using imovie or windows movie maker would be better if the audio was translated
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I was using imovie when I thought the audio should have a speech recognition click option so I could tell what the long acoustic pattern I was editing was actually saying

words appearing right at the audio graph would make editing more rapid

beanangel, Apr 10 2008


       I sounds like what you want is subtitles for the audio track. Is that right?
phoenix, Apr 10 2008

       It's worse than that, it's physics, Jim.   

       This describes a speech recognition system that produces displayable textual clauses (ie, lines, sentences, stanzas) in a selectable form (which no doubt as a by-product will produce editable and searchable text), where the words, syllables and various plosives and fricatives have as some of their metadata dynamic synchronisation markers. These markers would allow you to (among other things) drag video to particular pronouncable parts of speech, and (among the same things) drag spiffy but pointless graphical punctuating effects to particular points of a song lyric line. Good idea.
Ian Tindale, Apr 10 2008


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