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Phone E-book

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I know that just about every element of this idea is baked to a crispy goodness, and is just about everywhere in cyberspace. What just hasn't happened yet is a downloadable telephone reference, along with an e-book reader device. The paper being saved with the use of such a device is mind boggling. I'd like the e- book device to have the rugged look and simplicity of an actual phone book, with a small typewriter to look things up. I know this can be done on a computer just about anywhere online, but that's not the point here. anyone with or without a computer should be able to afford a simple device (maybe include an e-ink display, see link) with input for searches, and the device would be able to recieve updates on the fly (not just once a year).
ophello, Sep 30 2005

Sony E-book (japanese) http://eink.com/new...Y_Reader_1000EP.jpg
Baked e-ink Concept, only add e-phone book operability. [ophello, Sep 30 2005]

E-Ink http://www.eink.com/
E-ink: a revolution in display technology [ophello, Sep 30 2005]

A Downloadable Phone Book - SuperPages - Verizon http://www.washingt...7481-2004Sep13.html
[half, Sep 30 2005]




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