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Speed Alarm

Beeper to warn driver exceeding limit
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All I want is a beeper alarm that tells me when I have edged over the limit. We have a margin of only 3km/hr and then they hit us with a massive fine. It is very difficult never to drift over the limit, and the camera is always there.

You can drive 10 kph under the limit, but this can upset the traffic flow. Or you can have one eye constantly on the needle, instead of on the road conditions.

It should be easy to make something that can be fitted to all cars. A second speedometer fitted with a series of buttons. The driver presses a button as he passes a roadside speed sign. This sets the alarm, so that if he drifts past that limit the beeper sounds for a moment, and he can quickly drop back.

In traffic flows and going down hill it is very easy to go over the limit for a few moments and that is when you get caught. This system leaves all control to the driver, and avoids all the objections of governors and elaborate built-in controls. It is a help that would pay for itself in one fine avoided.

Tessa, Aug 30 2003

Speed Genie http://www.speedgenie.com/
[Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

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       Baked. [link]
Cedar Park, Aug 30 2003

       I just use my cruise control.
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 02 2003

       I agree if a govenor can be fitted to lorries why not a device like it to control speed? bigjohn.
bigjohn, Sep 02 2003

       I have noticed a recent trend, to the location of speed cameras on downward sloping stretches of road. It seems like an obvious ploy by the police to farm as much revenue out of, often innocent road goers.
silverstormer, Sep 02 2003

       I have an '87 Mercury Cougar and it has a feature that allows you to push a button when your reach your desired speed, and if you go a few over that limit, it will flash and "ding" at you. Of course, it's not nearly loud enough to hear. If you have the radio on, it's inaudible, and the flashing is barely noticable on the digital display when you're concentrating on the road.
DLWebmaestro, Sep 03 2003

       I wanted to add, cruise control works just fine for maintaining your speed, if you have it. Sure it'll go a few over or under, but it suites me just fine.
DLWebmaestro, Sep 03 2003

       Cruise control won't brake for you to maintain speed on a downgrade. I agree with Tessa, this would be good. (Would have saved me at least one ticket)
gardnertoo, Sep 03 2003

       Some cruise control systems are linked to the brakes [gardnertoo].
RoboBust, Sep 03 2003

       OK, didn't know that. Mine is set up to disengage the cruise when the driver brakes, and to coast when speed is above the setting.
gardnertoo, Sep 03 2003

       This has totally and absolutely been done. I live in New Zealand, and we import a lot of second-hand Japanese cars.   

       Many of the Japanese cars imported in the 80's had an annoying "ding-ding" which sounded when you hit 105 km/h, and kept dinging until you dropped below that speed.   

       There was no switch to disable them, so most speedy-type people would just go in behind the dash and snip the wires.
the_jxc, Sep 03 2003

       Good idea, but let's automate the process.   

       A transponder could be added to the speedo, kinda like E-toll devices.   

       Unpowered, passive devices (like anti-shoplifting tags, little resonant L-C networks ) could be fitted to speed limit signs. These would signal the transponder for the speedo of the speed limit for the area one is presently in. The present speed limit could then be displayed on the speedo face. An alarm could be set to beep at the driver if over limit.
weezil, Nov 13 2004

       I like the idea. This could be a cheap App on any smartphone which has GPS. I have twice started writing one and been sideswiped by other things. No need for an expensive "SpeedGenie".
Bakelite, Dec 08 2011

       //This could be a cheap App on any smartphone which has GPS// That's why it already is. It has also been a feature on dash mounted and built in GPS units since they started getting popular right after this idea was posted.
DIYMatt, Dec 09 2011

       One could write an app for a cell phone, which uses the phone's camera, pointed at the speedometer, to detect the most likely speed limit based on the current speed (e.g. the closest speed limit used in the area, based on location), and makes a sound and/or shows a warning based on settable transgressions, above or below. One could also add a preferred offset, to cover joy-metering and the fact that 99% of drivers, e.g. in the US, drive 5mph too fast on principle.
mannby, Dec 09 2011

       [mannby] well, that's one way to overcomplicate this :)
DIYMatt, Dec 09 2011


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