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Subconscious speed limit

Put the limits your subconscious puts on you to some good use
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In my new car I catch myself speeding a lot because the wheezing and rattles from the old car are missing. It would be helpful to have a device that simulates such sounds. At around 40MPH something starts fluttering until at 80MPH there is some serious knocking from the engine, so even a hard boiled race car drivers slow down. It doesn't take any speeding sign; you just slow down a little until that noise goes away. You may still go too fast for some locations, but not so fast that your license is suspended for life.

Of course you can turn off the device with a push button, but it resets itself on each engine starts so you don't have to remember to turn it back on.
With an added idle speed rattle it also helps to evade any involuntary limousine services - "Mom, its so hot can you take us to the ice cream place?" - "Sorry, I can't, that engine is acting up again."

I have encountered those beeping speed limit warnings, but they either make just a single beep, which is quickly forgotten while you are well above any limit or they make a continuous obnoxious sound which leads to permanent disabling. They are pretty worthless until someone makes them smart enough to beep only above the actual speed limit at the location of the car.

kbecker, Sep 09 2003

Dangers of speeding http://www.ltsa.gov...research/speed.html
[squeak, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       A pox on your speed limit - my subconscious can go as fast as it likes!
DrCurry, Sep 09 2003

       Suuuure it can, buddy, which is why I'm giving you this ticket. Any more infingements, Mr. Curry, and points will be deducted from your brain until it's confiscated.
Detly, Sep 09 2003

       My first car had a faint squeeking from the rear of the car somewhere. It sounded exactly like a police siren some way back. The sound would only be heard at around 90mph.   


       It was far more effective at keeping my speed down than the speed limit signs - even after I figured out what it was.
FloridaManatee, Sep 10 2003

       You forgot to mention steering wheel vibrations. I remember looking down at the speedometer on my new car and seeing 95 while I thought I was going about 45.
Zimmy, Sep 10 2003

       Yeah, or just buy an old beater like the 78 Datsun pickup I used to have. Man, around ninety it felt like you were doing a hundred and fifty, and you had to hang on tight just to keep the thing on the road.   

       What if instead you put sequential lights on all the roadsides that made you appear to be going faster as your speed exceeded the limit, to make you uncomfortable and slow down?
oxen crossing, Sep 10 2003

       [ox] Publish the roadside ligthshow as an idea and I'll give you something nice to eat for it.
kbecker, Sep 10 2003

       Why not replace the noises with a loaded handgun that would spring from the dashboard. A voice would then say: "Slow down! The speed limit on this area is *something". You have 5 seconds to comply or I'll shoot...4...3...".   

       Features: - You could choose to have the voice of Robot Cop or Buzz Lightyear. - The standard system would have live amno and would indeed shoot if you didn't comply, while the Deluxe version would just have blanks.
PauloSargaco, Sep 11 2003

       The buzz lightyear version would just blind you with a laser pointer. Like both the wounds from the real bullets and the sound from the blanks it would make you go out of control and hit the car infront.
RobertKidney, Sep 11 2003

       who cares how fast you are going, just as long as you don't hit anything or cause anyone else to hit anything
SystemAdmin, Sep 11 2003

       [systemAdmin] see link
squeak, Sep 11 2003

       Is [squeak] the baker formerly known as waugesqueak?
aside, I believe that driving intensity has more to do with accidents than speed. I fully believe that I could take most roadways at 50km/hr and still be safe if I was in prime alert condition. (I am not fully metric aware so If 50km/hr is not equivelant to 100 mph I hope you can forgive and accept my 100 mph intention) I do not mean roadways in heavily visually perifirally obscured areas, however.
Zimmy, Sep 12 2003

       [squeak] - that link just talks about the dangers of crashing....
SystemAdmin, Sep 12 2003

       all i can say is i am not going to pay good money to pay for a device that makes my new car sound like a pieace of crap i like the idea of the warning system thought
nathangk, Jun 14 2004

       //I am not fully metric aware so If 50km/hr is not equivelant to 100 mph I hope you can forgive and accept my 100 mph intention//   

       I think it's more like 60 km/hr.
apocalyps956, Oct 22 2006

       161.03 km/h, actually. (kilometer = 0.621 mile)
jurist, Oct 22 2006

       This works for those of us who are gearheads or somewhat of a self-trained gearhead. But it would be totally useless for the schmucks who cannot tighten a bolt without rounding off the nut or cross threading it.
Jscotty, Oct 23 2006


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