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high-speed pandemonium

The most annoying over-speed tone in the world!
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When I drive over 120 kph a slightly, but not really irritating beeping noise sounds from within the dashboard. This is because, for this region cars come automatically fitted with this feature for obvious reasons. Some cars have louder, more annoying tones some have less irritating ones.

I think if this feature were to work consistently it would have to have the most annoying tone in the world.

I say scrap the monotone business, and break-out with complete audio-surround music, that when you over-speed it automatically switches from the music you're listening to, to one of the following, until you return to the accepted speed.

It's a small world after all

chicken dance

crazy frog

If you indeed like this particular track, you're in luck, as it may also be your 'fatal auto collision song' (linked)

shinobi, Jan 02 2007

fatal auto collision song Fatal_20Auto_20Collision_20Song
somehow related [shinobi, Jan 02 2007]




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